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New Memory For A Dell Demension 4600


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hi all

i am trying to add a 512 DDR PC3200 400MHz to a dell demension 4600 which also takes the same type of ram. when i install it the computer reads it at 512mb but when i right click on my computer and select properties the general tab information says i have only 256MB. the computer came with two  128MB sticks and i have 4 slots for memory. again the new memory and the original memory are the same specs, just cant seem to get the 512 stick to read properly. any thoughts on this?  i sure hope this all makes sence to somebody. thanks everyone for the help.

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Yes they do unfortunately have to be installed in identical size pairs. I was stated.  It would also be best that each matched pair is from the same company and also the same timing in nanoseconds ect. Like say 3-2-1-1 or whatever (better make sure all have same timing really whatever that may be.  Also you asked if you can mix and match, "i have an extra 512 PC2700 DDR DIMM  could i use that one with the new memory stick or is that a bad idea?"    VERY BADS IDEA sorry  DDR3200 with DDR2700 hell no !

You can't mix and match different frequencies and PC3200 and PC2700 are different frequencies.

Here is a link from DELL so you know that Dimension 4600 needs matched pairs as said instead of taking my word for it  ;)


Also make sure you ground yourself out before handling any RAM to install (of course) and make sure that not only has your machine been powered off for a couple hours (safer) but also unplugged all things attached to an outlet going into the tower (as in speakers, USB devices, ect.). Then after grounding yourself (relieving your body of any static build up and not dragging your feet across rugs  :haha: ) then seat the RAM carefully without bending (duh..) and you can then replug in all your stuff and power on and look in My Computer--->Control Panel-->System to see that the module(s) are seated properly and are being read and usable.  If not again power off -->unplug for awhile and repeat because sometimes if you don't seat a module properly (and they can be a pain like that sometimes) it won't function until you do.  ;)  :) I would also make sure you by RAM that has a lifetime warranty so if static kills it you send to company and they give you new ones.  I know alot of this probably sounds obvious to most people but as i don't know your experience with hardware I won't assume anything and just give you some general pointers.  Hope this helps some.  :)



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