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Whats the highest number of users you have seen on line!!


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:) I saw 153 today at 2:25 pm .....just wondering what the rest of you have seen. This is the highest number I have seen I think!! But I'll bet CA3LE GUY has an accurate record of most users on-line at one time:)And of course my test speeds were the same, so no slow down with these kick ass servers:)

8) Microwave

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Oh no, I have had many more than that... One time I had over 800 (i can't remember the exact number I saw). Some Russina blog linked to me and sent me over 10,000 people in like 2 days... it was a very large burst of traffic ;-)

But I have seen 200 since then on a couple occasions :P -- In about another year I estimate it will sit at over 500 ppl most of the time.

- Damon

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Yea I will authenticate your stuff tonight... if I get a second ;-)

Umm yea, that was some big days there... It was bad traffic for me though because at the time my advertisers did not pay for non USA traffic -- so all these people came... sucked up my a bunch of my bandwidth and didn't contribute and revinue towards server cost... but it was cool to have at the time because my traffic was 1/5th what it is today and it's just felt cool :)

Highest record is hitting my cap of 30Mbps -- I have had a friend pull 80Mbps from his server on a hidden 50MB test I have ;-) ---

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