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why did you drop folding@home??


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is (was) anyone else having this problem?

i noticed the other day that seems (by the team stats) that alot of our members have dropped the folding from their computers...

i wonder if they were having problems with it...

i did in the beginning til i figured out that i didn't have to run it at 100%...i currently have it set at 70% and it works just fine...

at 100% what was happening was it some how would shut down my computer...i'd come home from work and my computer would be turned off...

anyone else having this problem?

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Just a short hype for some I guess. Running at full (or simply increased) speed whenever folding is on means more stress on the CPU and a higher electricity bill, tho a light bulb still takes more wattage than a CPU.

I'm still running folding.

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tdawnaz nope i am not it ran at 100% all night and got roughly 900 frames done.. but i took ur suggestion and ran it at 70% my pc seems to run slightly better this way also im thinking about installing it as a service so i dont have the icon in my taskbar anymore :P ill let you know how that turns out

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