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Comcast needs to give up some more upload!

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They upgrade the download speeds yet rarely upgrade upload speed. That's because they don't want gamers to suck up all the upload bandwidth. Comcast is the upload Nazis! :haha: :haha: :haha: Who knows...maybe we will get over 1Mb upload one day! :angry4::321:

It's much easier to increase download speeds than it is to increase upload.

thats why you see most of the services out there offerring (ex: 20/2, 15/2)

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I agree and I personally wish I was on one of those packages! But nothing is coming to Pittsburgh Misery. I am stuck with Comcast because the only other option is Verizon DSL and I would have to move ten minutes away to get it.  :lol:

Yeah, well as being in the same shitty sinking boat referring to comcast.. i am also stuck with it.

nothing else is offered here in my part of Los Angeles but Comcast and Verizon DSL..

and I'm hating the $55 a mon. for 6000/768 even with this upgrade to 8000.

it's still not worth the costs when you see these FiOS customers paying $50 for 15/2.  :cussing:

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