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Do I really need a different wireless router w/ FiOS??


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um, the cable to the d-link that verizon provided, where exactly does it come from? because the 604 is basically a 4 port router, same as your linksys, that hooks in behind the vroadband modem of whatever flavor. your problem might be as easily fixed as unplugging cable from wall(?) from d-link, removing cable from dlink to linksys and plugging cable from wall into linksys.

otherwise, you woulkd need to use a crossover cable (probably) to go from the dlink to the linksys wan port. but then all you're doing is running two routers one behind the other.

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is what i was saying, the dlink and the linksys are essentially the same thing, just that the linksys has the added feature of being a wireless access point.

the fios cable has to come from some device, since, at least according to the info i gathered on the dlink according to your model description, the dlink is just a router, nothing else. hence, if the cable into the dlink has an rj45 plug, which it should have, and is a normal ethernet connection to some box from the fios, which there should be, (someone correct me please if that is not so and i am making a complete hash opf this!), then you can plug the cable from the wall into the linksys, plug the docking station into the linksys, and your wireless should be good to go. (don'tr forget the encryption now, learn from your neighbors mistake).

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ok. try the following.

remove blue from wall to dlink.

remove blue from dlink to docking station.

remove yellow from dlink to linksys

plug blue from wall into linksys wan port. that is the one not marked 1,2,3 or 4.

plug blue from linksys port 1,2,3 or 4 to docking station.

dlink should now have onlyu power cable connected, linksys should be blue from wall, blue to docking station.

that should work. if it doesn't, revert to what you had.

then plug the yellow from port 3 of dlink into wan port on linksys (again, the one not marked 1,2,3 or 4)

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the kneebone is connected to the legbone, the legbone...

almost. the fios goes to the linksys. no bottleneck.

the linksys goes to the docking station (laptop replicator) should be no bottleneck, 100 mbit wired ethernet

the wireless connection runs through the 802.11b wireless part of the linksys here there is the 11 Mbit bottleneck, since 802.11b is just that, 11Mbit/s.

getting the correspponding dlink 802.11g router would change that, since g is 54Mbit/s max.

if verizon likes the dlink for debugging, i see no harm in getting that, it will make them less likely to say ah, but you bought the xxx router, we don't support that, it's your fault.

basically, it's up to you which router you get. minimum requirements for you are that it has the 100 Mbit switch to hook up the docking station and whatever other wired systems you have. (maybe the other laptops when using them at the same desk? wired always better than wireless, and the 802.11g wireless capability.

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you're right on target down, the up is ok. up is less important to max out anyways.

do a test here, that's what the place is for anyhow.


and the b wireless won't slow you down then, since the max 11Mbit/s is more than the 5Mbit your connection has.

so the g router is not a must, only if you want to be faster between the machines.

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For comparison purposes (now that I am using the wireless service---at my kitchen table vs. office with wired connection)


Download speed: 2451 kilobits per second

Test details: 3354 kilobytes downloaded in 10.946 seconds.

Receive buffer size: 307824 KB

Upload speed: 1267 kilobits per second

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