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  1. Sorry been way busy and not at home much. So that is why I haven't replied. You guys are so fun and funny that is why I still come around after all these years. Yea I remeber when this site opened I have had many names since was close to one of the first memebers at first. But that not the point just explaining why I keep coming back you all are a fun group, But yea I can't wait to find out what she is having a evil girl or boy lol.
  2. Oh my just found out im going to be a dad. It my first baby not sure what it is yet. Im 22 she's 24 I am so happy and scared about what to do money wise etc. I am just wondering if you all have any advice on what to do to get prepared for a new dad to be?
  3. Ok for those who asked to see my pings here it is : Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] © Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:Documents and SettingsShane Morris>ping testmy.net Pinging testmy.net [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=17ms TTL=57 Reply from bytes=32 time=16ms TTL=57 Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=57 Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=57 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 12ms, Maximum = 17ms, Average = 14ms C:Documents and SettingsShane Morris> As for my download speeds I get close to 15mbs now with my new cox connection wow and I have the 7.5mbs plan.
  4. I get a good ping when I ping of about 14ms.
  5. May I ask the server spec's Cable? Sorry Im a geek lol and would love to see what you got?
  6. I am not sure what you people are talking about when saying canopy? Anyway no matter what you have say you have a gig nic like mine well if your router or switch whatever only support 10mb or 100mbs like mine witch is 100mbs then windows says it is connected at 100mbs because that it at because the router is slowing it down. I am not sure that is what your talking about let me know if it isn't and please explain more.
  7. Thanks another birthday with testmy.net I will be 21 on the 23 of this month. Scary someone else's birthday is same as mine lol.
  8. I think so but I can't ever get one loaded always says failed to connect with bios update program I got.
  9. Yea I cleared the bios 2 times but I am not sure if I did it with the new chip in or with old. Because we couldn't get new chip or old one to work for awhile new chip froze on windows start and old one just would do nothing anymore. But maybe I will try that again can't hurt lol.
  10. Try downloading a file off the net see what your transfer rate is. Also I like testmy.net but I tested on my brothers pc and got 24mbs and our net is 2 or so mbs.
  11. Yea I figured that it would or could because I didn't buy it thinking on just using 2.8. But I am unsure why it won't go 3.2 or isn't running at that. I used the super step program and put my speed up to were 3.2 should be and same as before it shut the pc down. I went into bios and didn't find anything but same thing as that program I think any ideas?
  12. What plan you have if you have the 1.5mbs plan then your doing ok. But you can tweak it some and get more probably. Please give us more info on what your advertised top speed is please.
  13. I don't see anywere saying it only supports 2.8ghz in manual I found they say they tested this board with a 3.0ghz. Can you show me a link to were you found that? I also have another motherboard if needed but not sure it works all the great its my brothers and he was having issues with some of them.
  14. I have 2 links on for the cpuz stats and one on my motherboard.
  15. It says I have a 3.2 but core is running at 2.8GHz . I had a 2.8GHz and thinking it is still set for that but don't know how to change? I found out how to copy it to htm so here is a link to the info http://humorvids.com/cpuz.htm and I looked up my info on main board here is a link http://www.sis.com/products/sis661fx_features.htm
  16. Hello I had a 2.8ghz P4 in my pc and I took it out and put in a 3.2ghz but seems to be running at 2.8ghz still? I checked my system info and says 3.2ghz then 2.8ghz under that. I have a over clocking program came with my mother board and I tryed to over clock to 3.2 and pc shut off. Any idea's why this is happening?
  17. That is kind of what I am asking. I have a httpd server and ftp server running on my pc, just because those ports are open is that bad? I mean I have zonealarm pro but some of my ports were open like mail and ftp web server ports. Anyway is that bad I wish they had a test to tell you more then there open because zonealarm will block all unknown thing I think on that port. So it would be cool if they had a test for that like for servers.
  18. I had the elite package and I did tweak and I seen about 4.4-7 mbs down and about 640 or so upload. But they bumbed me back down to pro because they say I can't get 6mbs were I am and that it was trying to push 6mb but couldn't causing my line to be unstable. I called them because sometime my net would go to like 5kbs lol so yea it was unstable. But not sure thats what it was because it did that before to.
  19. I had dsl and same happened to me. What I need to know is did this just start or has it always ran this slow? If always call sbc and tell them to run a few tests to tell if you are close enough to recieve higher speeds. If not then ask to be moved to a remote location if they have one that is what I had to do. But also if not always been like this try a modem reset leave off awhile then back on and scan for spyware etc.
  20. Hello when ever I ping say msn.com it times out on every one of them. I called sbc because had slow dsl to and a tech came replaced modem but still won'tping like msn.com but will a ip any help please?
  21. Those things are almost made out of foam so yea there light or something like foam yea I fly rc planes lol so I know that. Bet you all didn't know that lol I think that one is called a monsoon or typhoon those 2 planes are very alike. Also Php he did all those turns with his rudder so no aliron used for alot of that. Can I fly like that yea don't I wish lol. I can fly but not like that unless on simulator and still not like that lol but good. Anyway yea I think that video is from the rc simulator reflex xtr that is same court and plane and all but this video had no yea streamers. Anway yea that is cool someday I might be able to do that lol not yet. I seen some do alot of cool things on the field like fly and keep plane just standing up almost like a chopper and for awhile that rocks also lol.
  22. Cool last time I checked it was like 5k link's or so. But that was a very long time ago that shows how long I have been on this site lol.
  23. First what is this ive tried (my computer name) (my IP) (my local network name) everything, WHAT THE FREAK ? If you are trying to access your grandmas pc why would you put your computer name etc? You would put hers. Also try going to her pc and setup sharing of folders on hers not yours.
  24. God I have no idea we just build on probably about half the house size. I would say well think 6 in my room, at least 6 in sun room, 1in bathroom I think, 3 in front room I think and 1 in living room, 6 in kitchen 4 in garage. Now that is all just a guess lol I didn't get up and count. We also have like 3 220v I think. Once again that is all just a guess I don't fell like counting lol. Oh forgot my moms room like 4 in there I think.
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