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Get WaveBroadband or Comcast, QWest offers good speeds but If you play online games it sucks since it has Interleave but If your just going to use it for computer work then I guess it's okay. :)

whats interleave? i've never heard of it

BTW, back on topic get comcast, ive had them for several years and theyve never let me down

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quote from http://www.dslreports.com/faq/2182

"Q: What is meant by 'FastPath' and 'Interleaving'? What is a 'Noise Profile'? (#2182) 

A: When a customer is put on a "Noise Profile" their DSL line is changed from FastPath to Interleaved.

Interleaving is an error correction protocol that is implemented for your line at the DSLAM. With Interleaving enabled, the DSLAM can correct errors in the data stream it receives before passing that data to your gateway router. It is usually implemented on noisy or marginal lines and can greatly increase sync stability and effectively eliminate "first hop" packet loss. The largest drawback to Interleaving is that it will significantly increase your ping time, specifically to your first hop gateway router.

If Interleaving is not enabled on your line, it is configured as FastPath. FastPath allows the DSLAM to pass the data received from you to the first hop router without performing any error correction. As a result, marginal lines could experience an increase in packet loss and decrease in sync stability (i.e. frequent sync loss). However, FastPath does produce decreased ping times, especially to the first hop router.

The BellSouth DSG (Digital Services Group) is responsible for adding or removing customers from a Noise Profile so you will have to call the helpdesk. Remember though there's usually a reason you are interleaved so you may or may not be able to connect without it.

Check here to see if your line is Fastpath or Interleave."

VanBuren :)

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