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Signal and Packet loss


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My cable company fixed all my signal and pack loss problums just by uncapping my connection, anyone have same types of problums?

What is your opinion on capping?

Capping is bad for me because it slows me down but it is good because it allows more bandwidth to be available for the masses.  Whats your up and down speeds without the cap?

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instead of steady 768 down its 900 to 768

and my upload is 128 to 192

because of the caps the signal was actly to strong in my area for uploads

I think that the electrical signal strength is a function of the system itself, whereas the cap comes into play only to limit bandwidth.  This is done thru a script sent to your cable modem that tells it, in essence, it can only use lets say 6mb down and 384kbps up.  They probably opened up the pipe because so many people were complaining.

If you could, go ahead and post an up and download test.  Have you checked the signal strength in your modem?  Put this ip in your browser: and post your signal strengths. This is the range they should be in:

Excerpted from : http://www.dslreports.com/faq/7124


# Downstream S(ignal to)N(oise)R(atio): On QAM 64 systems it should be 30 dB or higher. For those who have been upgraded to QAM 256, it should be 33 dB or higher.

# Downstream Received Power: the DOCSIS specification requires cable modems to function correctly with downstream power levels in the range -15 dBmV to +15 dBmV: power readings at or close to those extremes are likely to be unacceptable.

# The better the return path is, the lower the Upstream Transmit Power will be. The upstream transmit power will lie within the range +8 to +58 dBmV, with the recommended range of +30 to +55 dBmV.


BTW:  What provider do you have and what is your up/down speeds supposed to be? 

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