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Hello All,

Well finally after waiting 4 months from when fiber lay down occurred on my street I now qualify.  Installation is scheduled for next Wed the 12th.  YAY!  However, I still haven't gotten a clear answer on how exactly the install goes.  From what Verizon told us at the last community presentation, they do not fish walls or go through the attic.  Soooooooooooo what I want to know is if the ONT goes in my garage, how does the cat 5 get from the ONT to my desktop computer which is completely on the other side of the house from the garage?  I asked this directly to Verizon and they only answer i get is, "It depends".  So I asked "It depends on what?"  And they said, on what type of wiring you currently have.  I don't know what that means.  I have a normal home only 2 years old, with phone jacks in every room as well as cable outlets and of course elec plugs but still I can't get an answer to this most basis question.  They also said that if you want, you can get an outside person to do the wiring for you.  How could I do that if I don't know what is required and what exactly does that mean anyway.  I guess I can just wait until they come out Wed. and ask everything then but I was hoping to find out before that.

any advise from this who have already had FIOS installed from Verizon?



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Most new homes like yours are having the phone jacks run with CAT5e wire, that homeruns back to a patch panel in the garage. If you are lucky and that's whatyou have, they can convert the line that goes into the room with the computer to a data line. If the jack in that room is in a wall plate, you can remove it and see if you might even have a spare CAT5e in there. A lot of new wiring bundles put 2 CAT5e and 2 RG6 cables to each room. That's what they meant by depends on your current wiring. You pretty much have to tell us what wiring you have from that room back to the phone, cable, central location before we can tell you much more.

What they usually say is that they won't do attics that are not floored and lit, and not fishing walls does not always preclude them going through the top or bottom plate on a wall to push the wire in to the outlet position. That plate, of course, has to be exposed. They, unlike an electrician, won't do anything that requires a hole in your drywall to do a fish. Some of this stuff, also, is the luck of the draw, as far as your installer is concerned. The more experienced may be capable of some of the more tricky details, but as a rule they all do their best, within the limits Verizon gives them,  to make sure you're happy.

Worst case, no other good options, they'll take it to the outside, run it around the house, and drill the wall where the outlet is going. They do their best to hide it as it goes around the house.

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They aren't required to go through the attic, but I guess some installers will.  They did for me but it was late winter last year and wasn't hot.  In the summer in Texas you can forget getting them up there. 

They went across my attic and out the overhang to the outside, down the outside wall, then through a hole into the room I wanted it at.

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