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Looking for Wireless Card (for Desktop); Budget $20-$35


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Welcome to the forum, Gryphon.

I posted 1 example of a Linksys 802.11b USB 1.1 adapter.

I have never used a USB adapter myself, so I am unsure about the lag.

There are not a lot of decent adapters below $40.


The link below is Newegg's full lineup of wireless adapters ordered by lowest price.


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on those cards that do allow substitution of the antenna: there are fairly cheap antennas intended for amateur radio (i think it would be a configuration called yagi. weird name, but the antenna shape is often named for the inventor, like the marconi, the standard stick most people have for their car radio etc. the advantage of a yagi type and doubtless others is that it is semidirectional, meaning you will get better signal strength/range.)

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I agree with peepnklown about the pci card.

I would preferably use that as a opposed to the usb adapter.

There are definitely antennas you can buy, but most decent card antenna combos put the total over your $35 limit. (except the no-name brands, like Linkskey, who is that ? Why not D-Loink? :haha:)

That is why I did not bring that up.

But, if you do go with the cheap card and antenna combo, and it works well, let us know.

There are some very cheap antennas, just be sure the connectors match up:


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good luck on your diy cantentana!

and one more thing, the signal strengths that are defined by the 802.11 standards are for marconi type antennas, meaning the simple omnidirectional kind. using a directional antenna can put the radiated signal strength over these limits. shouldn't be enough to harm anybody physically, maybe longterm, but if your neighbour gets messed up reception on his radio or something you are outside the fcc guidelines afaik. so do be careful how you point it. especially if a neighbor has a pacemaker... :evil6:

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