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Intel to drop the Pentium brand?


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Intel to drop the Pentium brand?

First Netburst goes out the window, and now it may be that the venerable "Pentium" name is headed for retirement, as well. The Inquirer is reporting on a Japanese PC Watch article which claims that the Pentium brand name will not be used for Merom and Conroe when they launch. Instead, Intel will apply the term "Intel Core" to the new architecture, much like Netburst was the name of the Pentium 4 architecture. The "Intel Core" name isn't likely to be the one that consumers will be most familiar with, however, since platform-centric brands like Centrino will be more heavily emphasized.

I can't confirm the PC Watch report, but I will say that I find it highly convincing. If this isn't what Intel is doing, then it's what they should be doing. There's no point to a "processor" brand like Pentium, now that you have to specify if you mean a single-core or multi-core "processor," with hyperthreading or without, 64-bit or not, and so on. You can brand the architecture, you can brand different products based on that architecture (e.g. the rumored "Solo" brand for single-core and "Duo" brand for dual-core), and you can brand platforms like Centrino or Viiv. But the currently confusing Intel Pentium branding situation, where the "Pentium" name is followed by half a dozen options (Extreme Edition Dual-Core Low Power Hyperthreaded EM64T...), will be greatly simplified by just getting rid of the now vestigial Pentium brand altogether and branding the products based on chip- and platform-specific feature sets.


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that will never happen, because Intel is defined by the pentium name and 70% of the market don't know much about computers, and they see that word pentium for the processor and they know its fast. And intel knows that. They have had the name for over 10 years, and there not going to change something that works. They have tried expaniding on the name like Pentium D 830 Pentium EE, but it does not work people still go for that Pentium 3, or 4.

The next processor will be called the Pentium 5 with some rating system thats better then 630,640,650,660 ect.

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WOOOOOOO GET THEM OUT.....they are scared, have you heard about them stealing AMD's bus topology? yeah, go research and see why Intel is FINALLY makign a come back......

You do know AMD flat out stole alot of Intel technology.

If you go back and look at what really made AMD processors take of, it was intels MMX tech. AMD's were shit before they starting using it. Also AMD uses the same FAT pipeline that intel uses and perfected. And Heres another put a newer AMD next to a intel processor and take a look, they look the same, why because AMD stole the design from Intel because Intel had a better processor desigh with the heat sperder and no core exposed. Have you also noticed that once AMD switched from the old design to the new intel design the price went up, thats because the intel processors made to higher quality then AMD's. AMD's would break because they were made at a low cost so quality suffered. Also every AMD processor is made over seas. Most Intels are made in the USA. Look at a AMD it says assembled in malaysia, look at a intel it will eather say costa rica, or USA.

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Id still rather have AMD.......I work at Timken....I understand the whole "made in" bullsh*t......i dotn care abotu it, its business, get over your whole made in the usa bullsh*t

Id much rather have a product that was made in america then some cheap product made my some jackass who has no pride in his work.

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Chill out guys

just take it easy, Intel is not about to drop the pentium brand, this is something you can write ok !!

i can't tell you how i know this but i can tell you it will NOT change at least in the next year (inside information) ok.

so u can stop arguing about that (you can still discuss it its a forum)

about amd being made in cheap countries and intel having pride.

well sorry to disapoint you but intel chips are not all designed and NOT all made in america

intel has some fabs in the USA but a lot of them are not there also Ireland and Israel

anyway guys

intel rocks !!!! and they are not about to drop the Pentium Brand

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for sure its not about GHz its all about MONEY dude

anyway the word now is platforms centrino man that just is so much revenue

because u not only sell the chip you have to have all this other intel componets to advertise your laptop as centrino

the this Viiv thing when it starts kicking off media centers its going to be some big cash for intel.

intel is still buying coders for tv tunners and stuff like that, its only the begining of media centers every one will want one sooner or later.

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more 300-mm Fabs are coming soon

i can't say where but it will only be ready for 2008 production

so it wont help the centrino market anyway

Intel breaks ground on new 300mm fab in Israel    Print

Thursday, 01 December 2005

Intel Corporation has finally confirmed plans to build its first 300mm fab at its manufacturing cluster in Kiryat Gat, Israel. The new fab has been dubbed Fab 28 and will cost $3.5 billion US dollars with a 200,000 square feet of cleanroom. Fab 28 will come online in the second half of 2008 with the initial ramp using 45nm technology, a year after Fab 32 start the first volume ramp at Intel for the node in 2007. Ground breaking is to start immediately, according to the company.The Israeli Government had announced back in July of this year that Intel Corp was to build a 300mm fab in Kiryat Gat. However, Intel denied all reports that a decision had then been made, putting the Israeli Government in an embarrassing position.

Since then the Israeli Government has confirmed that the incentives package for Intel has been increased from around $400 million US dollars to over $500 million, due to the substantial increase in fab costs since the first grants were put in place in 2001.

Upon completion, Fab 28 will be Intel's seventh 300mm fab in operation. Plans also exist for two more 300mm fabs in Arizona and one in Oregon, though the company has given no time scales.



it has actually been anounced officially

so you know where the new fab is Kiryat Gat, Israel

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Intel taps intelligent toilet expert as new CTO

Intel may well be looking to put a difficult two years behind it with an executive reshuffle that includes the appointment of a new CTO.

Justin Rattner, an Intel senior fellow, has been tapped as the new CTO.

Current SVP Pat Gelsinger was Intel's first CTO. Intel's most recent spate of roadmap tweaks and processor delays started at the end of his CTO tenure. Gelsinger, however, seems to have escaped charges of bad decision making.

Rattner will need to help guide Intel's server processor business back on course. Intel has fallen behind rival AMD on x86 chip performance and still struggles with its Itanium demons.

Intel may well have picked the right man for this difficult task. Rattner is well versed in multicore processor technology, having earlier this year proposed a 100-core chip that could power an intelligent, stool-sampling toilet.

. . .LOL  ~ I just thought this was funnier than sh!t  :haha:

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