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Firefox error annyoing thing, thanks testmy.net


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I restored Firefox back to orgianal condition with firetune, now firefox is slower, and i got those blue boxes with the thing like a site wont load up, i have ad blocker and tell it to block that, and have hosts file and it all worked before, lil help would be appreciated

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do you see where the blue is, at the top and to the right, how do i make it so that it dosent show up, nevre happned before

You must be talking about the open space up there.

I always change that, too.

FF is tougher to change than IE, so, in that area right click your mouse.

Then click 'customize'.

In the window that pops up, drag the 'flexible space' box up to the open blue area.

After that you should be able to re-arrange your address bar, etc.

You can drag more flexible space boxes up there if you need.

Hope this helps.

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