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Hey, guys, some of you may remember me. I've been inactive here since late August I think, but lately I just haven't had the same amount of time I used to devote to forums, here or otherwise. :(

Anyways, I need a little advice on what CAT5 cables I should buy to finally get my PS2 online. I don't really know much about Ethernet connections and whatnot, but I figured that since I'm really only going to use this for online play, I don't need top-of-the-line cables, just some good, cheap, reliable ones. I picked out one from PriceGrabber that looks promising, but I knew that with my limited knowledge, I should probably get a second opinion, so I decided to ask you guys. :)

The cord's probably a bit long (my estimations would lead me to believe that I only need like 45 feet), but having a little extra cord can't hurt. I'll post the specs here for easier viewing:

Cable Length - 75ft

Number of Connectors - 2

# Connector Details:

1 x RJ-45 Male - Network

1 x RJ-45 Male - Network

# Connectors:

1 x RJ-45

1 x RJ-45

Bandwidth -  > 350MHz

Grade/Rating/Specifics - 4-pair 24 AWG stranded copper wires, 50-micron gold plated connectors

Conductor - Copper

Jacket - PVC

And it comes with a lifetime warranty (which is kinda funny since it's just a $15 cable, nothing special), so I suppose that's nice. Anyways, should I look for something better (mind you, this is just for PS2 online) or go with that?

Thanks. :)

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Assuming that that cable is also 350 MHz, then it looks pretty good for the price, and all I ever hear about Newegg is good things, but I'll probably just ask one of my more computer-savvy friends about it first before making a decision. I mean, I've waited almost 5 years to put my PS2 online, so what's the rush, right?

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