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Data Error


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Wuz up,

            Whenevr i'm downloading a file to my hard drive once that file reaches a certain point i get a error Data Clylundrical errror!

I figure its the hard drive cause when i download the same file on another machine it completes(Anyone know any good software that will scan and repair my hard drive?


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Guest jeffwalker9999

you might also want to run a full check disk

comand prompt c:>_

chkntfs (space) /d <'enter'>     

sets chkdsk ntfs file system to run even if no errors

chkntfs (space) /t:2 <'enter'>

sets the wait time before program starts

chkdsk (space) /f (space) /v (space) /x  <'enter'>

3 stage  ----runs a quick standard check disk

chkdsk (space) /v (space) /r (space) /x   

5 stage  ---runs a complete check disk (takes a long time)

(if repeated  multi times::will return "disk is clean" this )

(is the best check if you have the time to do it........... )

/f = fix

/v = verify every files check sum

/r = repair any error

/x = force to run

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