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The Reverend

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About one month ago I dumped $1,000.00 in DirecWay's latest and greatest Commercial System. Advertised as getting 1.5Mbps down and an "enhanced" 256kbps up, with a 800MB FAP Threshold, 100kbps "fill up the bucket' after a FAP, a DW6000 modem and .98 dish ...AND a two-year contract carved into stone by God himself ...or maybe it was Moses "faking it".

Well, every since Day One my speeds (during working hours) fall to as low as 50kbps down ...sometimes less, and my 'ups' are not worthy of mention. A 56k will blow me away. After spending the last 30 days on the phone the Official Response by e-mail from DirecWay was that they would no longer take "trouble calls" from me based upon speed issues because they cannot control the speeds due to overcrowding of bandwidth on the satellites they are leasing. (In truth, it has been DirecWay who has sold FAR more Commercial Systems than the satellite(s) (like G4R) can handle, and so everyone with similar systems is getting the same results (and hairball treatment) as I am. (Or at least I haven't found any exceptions yet). I'm using G4R @ 1201.0MHz with their Commercial (full blown) system ...DirecWay "finest" (yeah right...).

Today broke my back. Speed went down to 30kbps and I was told by their Level III engineers that I should be happy that I am getting that much. They also told me that DirecWay makes no guarantees that I'll get ANY "set" speed (so why bother advertising 1.5Mbps down if it's impossible for them to do?). They also said that DirecWay never guaranteed me that they would provide Internet (useable Internet that is). That's when I "lost it" and told the bastard, "Okay. And I never guaranteed DirecWay that I would pay them for the full two-year contract either, so give me the Cancellation Department if you know how to use a phone ...obviously you aren't able to use a computer." lol ...That one got under his skin. Cancellation Department was a real pleasure to deal with ...threats, threats and more idle threats. I told them to "go for it". (The very most they can do is keep the $1,000.00 and try to charge me for "usage fees", but I figure I don't owe them a penny seeing that my speeds have only been half-decent (read: able to log in) during the wee hours ...and I'm sleeping then. I've lost a considerable amount of money on this deal because I was depending upon the Internet to be the "backbone" of my endeavors ....well now, DirecWay destroyed that idea in less than 27 days ...so this Veteran goes into debt for a lifetime due to DirecWay ineptness, or should I be saying "misleading advertisements and promise making they had no intentions or capability to keep? (The sad part is that my income is derived from your (American) tax dollars, so that makes it triple-maddening as it effects everyone - - including the innocent. Hardly fair eh? But, that's the way the world operates these days, and I should have been "wise" to it, but - - I had to give it my best shot. (Next "shot" I take will be with a trusty 50mil)! heheh...

Today, my official reply was that they might have stolen $1,000.00 from me, but my Credit Card has been "frozen" ...meaning they cannot charge me any longer and no doubt this will go to court, "mar" my Credit History (but my income is Federally insulated because I am a 100% Disabled Vet ((I'm an ex-Navy SEAL)) ...so they can go fly a kite if they think they can get money out of me. I fully realise that they are masters at taking people who don't pay and making mincemeat out of them, but I'm willing to bet (for a fact) that they cannot touch my income ...it's federal law and I know it because an ex-wife tried to "tap" my income two years ago and she found out that unless I owed "back alimony" or "back child" support ...my income could not be garnished, or "tapped" in any possible way (unless Uncle Sam somehow screwed up and overpaid me of course). That'll never happen.... lol.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass this shit along to you fine folks before my connection gets trashed (which could happen any moment). DON'T BUY DIRECWAY!!!! Check out www.direcwaysux.com for "eye-opening" accounts from other DirecWay users, and the bottom line about what DirecWay truly is, and where it is going in the future.

I'll miss this forum ...even though I've only been here less than a week! Dang... But hey, DSL will arrive someday and then I'll be back ...hopefull "rocking" when I do! In the meantime you may see me in the papers being arrested for blowing the satellite dishes off the tops of DWay Ground Control Centers! lol (just kidding of course).

Y'all take care and steer clear of DirecWay if ya can, or at least get out from underneath them as soon as it is feasible. Seems to me that ANYBODY has a better deal (except dialup) ...and that's only because it just isn't fast enough for my needs ...I realise the same doesn't apply to everyone, so I'm speaking for myself.

So, even though I spent a 21-year career fighting in the name of freedom against enemies Foreign and Domestic, then 'bought some lead' at the very end of it and became 100% disabled for life, isn't it a pisser that a friggin' Foreign-based company has the power to remove my only link with the outside world and trash it, just because I'm not getting what they promised by frigging Contract? The damned contract is ALL in their favor and NOTHING in the user's favor in the least. Or is it all due to the danged Greenback? Money, money, money ...someday it will be the death of us all, or so it seems. Either way, this situation 'bites' at best ....Reverend or not! (...begging your forgiveness for my 'ire').

Last but not least, DirecWay is not operating under a legally valid communications license, yet the BBB and other sources like FCC and such won't do anything to them. And why? Because DirecWay is the "backbone" of incredibly fast systems that are supplying satellite communications to several hundreds of federal facilities (just not under the name of DirecWay is all). Therefore, our government simply "overlooks" their dealings with the general "John Doe Public." That much is even MORE maddening. Politics at their usual level of disgusting patheticness right? Alright ...I'll get off my soapbox now. :evil:

May God Bless you and yours, (it's been 'real')...

The Reverend


(signing off) ...so don't bother posting a reply to me as I am simply unplugging the modem to avert "usage charges" in addition to whatever else they try to slam me with... I will try to get word to this forum via some other method (I don't know of anyone with Internet in this entire area)! ...to let you know how everything eventually turns out. My money is on me though. I'd rather die than pay DirecWay another red cent. Stupid? Perhaps, but that's me, and I've had my fill of DirecWay.

***If the "master" of this forum would kindly retain my speed records showing how fast that I CAN run ...I'd be mighty thankful. I may need them at a future date ...dunno for sure. I have "snapshots" of all my "slow dates and times" ....I never bothered to record any of my top speeds, which were not exactly earth-shattering by a long shot....

I'll be back ...someday, and by then I will have gotten even and that's a promise. I hope everyone at DirecWay gets a peek at this post. And if you are from DirecWay, let me "flip you a birdie" before I go! :D%7Boption%7D

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Wow, i dont know what to say. That is some serious BS from DW youve had to put up with...If they promise 1.5Mbps, they should either give it, or dont promise a specific speed. I saw on their site that they offer 1.5mbps on their buisness site, but on that same page it says 1000kbps. I dont suppose 1000 = 1500.

Oh and here is another thing i digged up on their site:


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all i can say is, if you go to that direcwaysux.com and look at the staff of direcway....you'll know why....

now im NOT racist, BUT, they are known to love to (beep) people......now excuse my language i just cant take any more (beeeep) arabs stealing our country...im sick and (beeeep) tired of it!!!

Edit by RTB: even it's if not racism, you're being very negative towards a race. Message censored.

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Dear Reverend,

**********Please do not respond to this email.**********

Your E-Support Case Reference Number is: XXXXXXX

Welcome to DIRECWAY E-Support, it is our pleasure to assist you.

Hello Reverend, Thank you for contacting DIRECWAY E-Support. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I am sorry to hear of the issue you have experienced and I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience. I understand that you wish to file a complaint. I have included the contact information that is available for the Customer Service Department. Letter: Hughes Network Systems 11717 Exploration Lane Germantown, MD 20876 Attention: Customer Service Mail Stop D3B FAX: 301-428-1656 E-MAIL: [email protected] Once again, I do apologize. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via email or by calling 1-866-347-3292. Thanks for using DIRECWAY E-Support.

Again, thank you for choosing DIRECWAY E-Support,



Well "Folmer" ....do the letters F.O. mean anything to you sir? hmm?

This exceeds the limits of stupid. Send in two months of complaints, spend over 120 hours on hold getting nowhere, write 37 letters that never get a reply, and they route me directly back into the same loop I've been within for this entire time.

:shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock: I propose they are breathing up valuable oxygen that the decent folks on this planet could be making good use of. heheh


*Hey ...it's only life, and ya only have ta do it once! But geesh............isn't this ridiculous?

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