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  1. To the first question, no. You can't replace the coax with fiber optic cabling with Hughesnet. It won't work. As for Hughesnet vs hardwired service from your town, it depends on whether the internet available from town is any good. Normally Hughesnet is purchased by people that have no alternative, but sometimes even the available hardwired service is sub par, like with older DSL systems. I'd ask around. If it's deemed to be better, I'd go with the hard wired simply due to it not having data caps.
  2. From the looks of the four speed tests you have performed, your upload speed is a bit low but your download speed is very good for Hughesnet. I highly doubt that a new laptop would change those results at all. With that said, only two tests of each doesn't really give a solid idea of your speeds. BTW, when testing your Hughesnet speeds use 15MB for the download tests and 2MB for the upload tests. Also, keep in mind that your speeds are being compared both Hughesnet, and the average speed for ALL providers, with most of the latter being faster than Hughesnet from the start. With that in mind, your speeds will rarely be on par with national averages, as those include things like FIOS and other high speed providers that Hughesnet can't match.
  3. Twelve dollars for 96 down and 48 up and a cap of 1100GB? WOW!!!!! That's it, I'm moving to India. LOL.
  4. I now have Hughesnet Gen5 and pay $49.99 for the 20/50GB plan, plus the $14.99 equipment lease fee. Overall it's less money for more data and more speed than when I had Gen4.
  5. I'm liking it. No evening slowdowns, either. That will probably change later as my beam, gateway and the overall system get more loaded, but for now it's fantastic!
  6. I get even more jealous as time goes on. Unbelievable. You guys are so cruel! LOL.
  7. Now, you're just being downright mean. LOL. 457.6Mbps and 20Mbps? Excuse me while I wipe the drool away. I can't imagine. I'd be ticked just to have 20% of that.
  8. Thank you very much! I will let the Hughesnet Community know. I appreciate it. Disregard the email message I sent regarding the same.
  9. If you click on "Sign In", then "Sign Up" after "Don't have an account?", it works, but the direct Sign Up link is not working. Just letting you know. I'm on the Hughesnet Community boards and when people are being told to create an account here they aren't able to.
  10. Lucky bugger!!! LOL. I can only imagine what speed like this would be like. I'd probably stream something for the first time. I pay the exact same price (with my $5 invoice fee added on) and get less than one tenth of that, plus a data cap and huge latency.
  11. Hughesnet. $79.98 per month. It's either this, sketchy wireless, or dialup. I'll stick with this until something better comes along.
  12. james1979, I'm on the Jupiter satellite and I am using the HT1100 modem. I'm not sure about the HT1100 and the new satellite, but I'm sure that's what they will be using. Right now they are upgrading people on the HT1000 modems to the HT1100 for free. People just ask on the community boards and they send them one. They may even be doing it for people on the HNS9000. I'm not sure. I'm getting speeds like this because I am on a beam that is lightly loaded. My plan actually has an advertised "Up To" speed of 10Mbps, so you can imagine my surprise when I first upgraded to Gen4 in Feb. I thought the test was wrong, but after a few more, I was shocked to realize that I was actually getting the speeds it showed, which at the time was around 20Mpbs. A couple of months ago the speed started going up, and right now, during the middle of off peak usage times, it's not at all unusual to be getting in the high 20s and low 30s. The highest speed I ever got is in the picture below...
  13. Sean, We definitely get slowdown times during the evening, and I have seen my own speeds drop drastically, sometimes down to nearly 1Mbps. For the most part, though, they're doing pretty good with their speeds. One problem, though, is that quite a few of the customers are on the older, original Gen4 satellite, and it has a cap of around 5Mbps. They are launching a new satellite in December to help alleviate the speed problems those folks are having, and also provide service to more people.
  14. Getting better over the last month and a half or so. Right now, with the Gen4 plan, you can still buy the equipment, though I'm not sure how much it is. $200 maybe? The Gen4 plans have no free download time. They have the Anytime Data, which is really the biggest difference between plans, and the Bonus Bytes, which is 50GB with all of the plans. Anytime Data is 8:00AM to 2:00AM, and Bonus Bytes is 2:00AM to 8:00AM. If you run out of Bonus Bytes, though, the Anytime Data will be used during Bonus Bytes time, hence the name. With that said, I prefer to lease the equipment, because if anything goes wrong with it, it's covered. If you purchase it and later something goes wrong with it, you have to pay to have it fixed, not only for the parts, but the labor, as well. Sure, in the long leasing costs more, but it's worth the peace of mind. I have the 15GB/50GB plan. I don't stream, so it's plenty for me, and for three Windows 10 PCs, too. I pay about $85 for mine, but I have a 12 month discount. Normally it would be $79.99 for the plan and $9.99 for the equipment lease, plus tax. My plan has Smart Browsing, as well. If I use up all of my data, I can still browse with no noticeable drop in speed. That's browsing, though. If you try to download large files while in Smart Browsing, it will throttle you to around 150Kbps.
  15. Actually, during that time it's not too bad. I've found, at least for my beam and gateway, that it slows down the most somewhere around 8:00pm to 11:30pm or so. Then right around 2:00am. For the upload test, you can use 6MB, but for the speed of Hughesnet that's really a waste of data. The 2MB size lets it run long enough to average out the spikes and dips. The engineers there recommend 2MB for upload and 12MB for download, though I use 15MB for download as the 12MB test almost always upsizes to the 30s or 40s, wasting data.