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    • I did not know that such a problem was possible. I've noticed before that booting on a computer takes longer than on my tablet. Now I understand the problem. Thank you guys for the info.
    • Hi Guys and Dolls,  I`am a  70 yrs old user trying not to get lost in the woods called internet, might learn some here or ask you questions if in need. Admin thx for letting me in. Take care you all, thx 
    • So I have plan of 25Mbps Upload and Download and I am based in India. But whenever I download videos on browser the speed is significantly slower then what I am paying for. I get speed of 450-500 Kbps. But while using bit-torrent to download my speed is upto 2.5-3.0 MBps(My true internet speed). I am using a firefox browser and have a Linux OS [Distro: POP_OS]. Oh also, while downloading movies/series on Netflix app the speed is good, I mean it takes about 3-4 mins to download a 1.5 or 1 Gb data.   Why is the download speed so different on a browser as compared to a torrent and app? Does this has to do something with websites?   Update: I just wanted to confirm the download speed again and now the download speed is 3.0 to 4.5 MBps.   Edit: I ran the speed test here on testmy.net with default settings and the download speed is 3.3Mbps and upload speed is 17.8Mbps. This speed test was conducted at the same time when my download was 3.0 to 4.5MBps (as mentioned above)
    • On vacations I will often stop off at a library and connect to there wifi. It is for a limited time but it helps a lot for the needed research.  Yu also can lengthen out the time by "checking out" the time for another hour or 2. Unless they already have it scheduled for someone else the library is happy let you do so. College labs are another place to connect to the wifi free of charge when needed.
    • There’s an Automatic test here on TestMy. It’s a web page and not an app. I don’t believe it notifies you with an email, but you specify how long the test is to run.   On the TestMy home page - right under the Test My Internet button there’s a link to the automatic test.
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