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    • Hey sean, ya i got the data info in the app but it wouldn't apply on my i-phone but it did work on my wifes android? the app works on my iPhone for the most part but wouldn't take the data? but now it shows the change because of the wifes phone. LOL   my RSRP & SINR fluctuates in-between 113-115 & 7-9 that is in the center of my house & gets a signal to all my devices. i moved the night hawk all around my house and the signal quality got worse LOL that is a cool trick though knowing how to look around!   netflix works well on 5G but slower on 2.4G 2.4G has a better wi-fi signal than 5G why is that? ROKU in bedroom had 4 bars on 2.4G and 5G said to move the device around ( or connect anyway ) i connected the netfix on 5G anyway and it is great!   i did order a 2pc skinny flexible TS9 antennas that are 7'' long back when i ordered the nighthawk. it will be here in a week or so. it was only $8 bucks so i figured i would try it?   my speed test are getting 18-20 mbps all day long! gets up in the 30s in the evening. im so happy.   gonna cancel hughes in 3 days. its a lot of money but i will be saving $43 a month. so it will pay for itself in 9 months..... thats how i look at it to make myself feel better anyway LOL   always a pleasure 😃        
    • That's great having it up and running, hopefully the speed is holding up through the evening. 😎  I'm not sure what prevented the iPhone from connecting, unless there was a spelling error in the Wi-Fi password.    For the GB remaining, you may need to set this up in the NetGear Mobile App: Go into the Netgear Mobile App, then touch "Data Usage" Change the "Data Limit Unit" to "GB" To the right of "Data Limit", touch the pen icon, enter 100 and touch 'Go'. Change the "Monthly cycle starts (day)" to the day of the month that you activated the plan. Touch the top-right back arrow to save the change and exit.   When you cycle through the screens on the Netgear (briefly push its power button), it should show the GB used like this.  I haven't used mine in a while, so it's showing 0 here:   To check the signal reading on your Nighthawk M1 - Go into the Netgear Mobile App, then go into the menu -> Settings -> Network -> Advanced Info.   The most important signal readings are the RSRP (signal strength) and the SINR (signal quality).  The RSRP should be no more negative than -100dBm and the SINR should be above 10.  If either is worse (e.g. RSRP of -110dBm, SINR of 5, etc.), then move the router to another location and wait a few seconds for the readings to update.    Hughes sure is stingy with that hefty early termination fee, more like a fine for leaving them.  No wonder they can get away with such poor service, as I'm sure there are some that can't afford that early termination fee. 😖 
    • Hey Sean im stoked ! i fired up the nighthawk today & got 16 mbps @ 5:pm in the afternoon! Netfix is quick and back to the way it is intended to be watched? i got the netgear mobile app fired up and changed codes and stuff. ( it didnt want to complete with my i-phone 7 but did apply on my wifes android for some reason? ) the only thing is that on the LCD screen on the nighthawk it says 16 days remaining and doesnt show how many GBs are remaining? does tt take a day or so for everything to jive & process ? or do i need to punch in details on the app? i found something in settings but it wouldnt let me change anything on my iphone? maybe i should try it on my wifes android? i got 4 days remaining on hughes month #3. so it will cost me $400 early termination fee if i cant get out of it? and $300 if i dont return the equipment. but i will be saving $43 a month so it will pay for itself. thanks again so much for the help! i really appreciate it. 😃👍  
    • Do you know what download and upload speeds they were supposed to supply you?   There are a lot of posts in the forums about poor performance with Hughes. 
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