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    • Yes, it should say 50 now... used to only rank the top 20 but I changed it a while back.  Thank you for the heads up.     Great idea, I need to rework the ranking system right now anyway actually.  I'll make it rank everyone and store that to a database.  With it stored like that I should be able to do a bunch of new tricks.   Thank you, I'll get cracking on that soon.   To help satisfy your curiosity... you're number 98.   
    • I think there is a typo on this page.  The tab says, "Top 20 Member Rank" but results for 50 members are shown.  I really like your site, so I consider this message to be a contribution (however tiny) for what it's worth.  By no means is this meant to be a dig (those are always much wordier).      I wouldn't expect to see the rankings of every last member, but I was hoping that the "Search" tab would give my results with its ranking.  If this isn't already a feature that I'm simply overlooking, could you consider this as a feature request?   Thanks, and my compliments to your site.
    • In looking over past complaints about Hughes download speeds it is amazing that the complaints today--including mine--are identical to those in 2007. Unfortunately my cabin in mountains over Carmel California can only use a satellite for the internet. And unfortunately, that means one carrier--Hughes. I'm sure their slowness to correcting the problem factors in that in some parts of the country they ARE IT. Someone in marketing should explain that when choices become available--and they will--those of us who have been inconvenienced for years will remember. 
    • This isn't a traditional program.  Nothing is really installed.  It's more of a shortcut.   This is a PWA, Progressive Web Application.  You can search for "PWA uninstall" to find specific instructions for your OS.  Here's instructions from Google for Chrome.  https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/9658361?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en --- usually I just right click on the icon I no longer want and remove it from that submenu.   ☺️
    • How do I remove TestMy.net from my PC please? I thought it was a Chrome extension and looked there. Not found.
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