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    Speed test providers variations

    My 2 cents. Mostly everybody treats their computers the same, regardless of whether they are at home or at work. It's working don't touch it. Instead, let's keep up on the PM, like something as simple as using a vacuum cleaner and just sucking at all the fan and vent locations. NOT compressed air and blowing it all in.
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    Speed test providers variations

    @Parado I can appreciate your frustrations, as I am sure so many of the rest of us can as well. Until we get a grasp as to how the ISP we are using is actually treating our connection, compared to what we expect, especially when it becomes difficult to brows, as many of us have had that issue. Summer months for myself can be taxing, and I'm not always as available here as I'd like to be. It seems many people ignore working machines, which act as 'dust filters' , collecting anything which the fans run through. Once the heat of the season hits, electronics explain the importance of regular cleanings when the system thermal settings are hit. Just left a small companies datacenter where no filtration system was utilized other than what went through the rest of the office, three racks of servers 3/4 filled was a daunting cleaning task. I would have pics but the HR gal was adamant about not letting it out. I literally filled three office waste bags from the shop vac out of the servers themselves, and a good bit more from under and around the racks. The duct had not been cleaned in a millennia, took me 10 minutes just to pull the packed filter out.
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