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  1. woooops....I meant If that doesnt work, just go to network connections, right click ur high speed connection, go to status then support, look at default gateway, type that in. This should take u to ur modem's or gateway's control panel, thats if u r using the westell gateway, or modem that comes with the dsl package, otherwise you'll have to look it up under the status and support of ur high speed connection. Since it seems u have tried everything, it seems as if the have u on the 768 connection, not 1500.
  2. check to see what ur caps are at. i think for all verizon dsl customers u type in the address bar to see what ur caps are.
  3. no, i need it so i can easily transfer files from home to school, but anyway, now i dont need to get MSWord on the computer when i buy it, i can get it from elsewhere, and now dell is offering free 17" flat panels so imma get a dell in the next few weeks.
  4. I'm running programs like The Sims 2, Sim City 4, Photoshop CS2, and i will be using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. Are these hyperthreading, and should I even get HT if I'm only using these programs and browsers like FF, and AOL. Should i get HT anyway since maybe, in the future, most programs will utilize HT?
  5. I can also get a new dell like this for $1,200 Intel Pentium 4 Processor 630 w/HT 3.0GHz 1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM 256MB PCI Express
  6. all that is out of my budget. i need a lot of stuff including a dvd burner, printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers, floppy drive and a 56k modem all for $1100 at the most, so im gonna have to compromise my graphics card, ram, and hd to make sure i have this other stuff. What about this. It's refubished tho, and my mom doesnt want a refub. one, she wants it new, i dont care tho. <A HREF="http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1240191&CatId=0">LINK HERE</A>
  7. i think its because the monitor is almost $300 and i needed microsoft word and i have a dvd burner that can put a label on the cd. Where do u think i should buy a pc from?
  8. I think i've decided on this: Intel Pentium4 HT 3GHz Intel Graphics Media 900 512MB or 1GB of RAM 80GB HD DVD Burner 17" Flat Panel LCD I can either get 1GB of RAM with the regular ontel 3GHz processor, or the intel HT 3GHz processor with only 512MB of RAM, which one is better? I can get this for about $1,000 (my mom is putting in $700) but I might take a month or 2 till I buy it when I'm done moving to Norfolk and get a paycheck or two. I already got a job at $8.50/hour which is a sh*tload for a 15 year old with no bills (cant wait to buy the xbox 360).
  9. But i have heard of people complaining of HT, is this true?
  10. I need to help my uncle get his internet faster. H'es on aol and i already used cable nut and went from 31kbps to 32kbps. Is there anything eles i can do for his dial-up other than cablenut?
  11. Is the $15 for 3mb like i have and does it last forever, not just new members.
  12. everyone should get at leats 3MB and the special upgrade should be 4 or 5MB.
  13. I was wondering who is actually elgible for verizon fios. I live in a small town but im movin to norfolk viginia and i thought i would be able to get it there, but norfolk still isnt elgible and its in the to 75 largest cities in the US. Maybe it just wasnt in the area of the city i tested? So i was just wondering what lucky people out there are elgible.
  14. Do yall think verizon dsl should reduce the price for 1.5mb? I think they should stop making us pay for fios. im glad i get 3mb cus if i was only getting 1.5 i would go elsewhere. And now they have a price drop on fios, but not dsl. makes no sense.
  15. i found these on 2 different sites tho i dont think microsoft has finalized them yet. <A HREF="http://informationweek.com/story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=170702519">Here's</A> an article.
  16. This isn't just another topic about which is best but which has better features that makes u like either Firefox or IE6 or 7beta. I think firefox is better for looks, customization, the extensions and themes, how detailed the options are. All IE7 has is speed and the loading of pages while browsing seems to be smoother. Really i was just wondering why some people prefer ie7 in the first place, maybe i can understand.
  17. here they are: Starter Edition, Home Basic Edition, Home Premium Edition, Professional Edition, Small Business Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Ultimate Edition
  18. Thanks a lot, i was able to get it to work doing it this way. Do u know what may have been the cause of all this raucus?
  19. ok, i was getting restless so i did a full system recovery, which brought my pc to its out of the box condition. I was able to install the sims 2, but still not sim city 4 and i tried all this before installing ccleaner so i know that wasn the problem. I will try what u two recommended but i dont really know how, or even what u mean, so i just need some clarification on what to do and i'll try that. If what u two recommend doesnt work, then maybe something is wrong with my game cd or cd-rom drive.
  20. hey when u use ccleaner's issues fixer, do u browse over the results before u fix them or do u only do certain ones?
  21. uhhh.....i'll try that tomorrow, im sleepy now. but still my point is that i shouldnt have to do this, it should work anyway.
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