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  1. Well I've been on FiOS for a while and overall I'm satisfied. I ran into an unexpected problem though. My wireless G can't keep up with FiOS! I'm only getting about 19/19 on wireless but I can get 30/30 wired even though I am only signed up for 25/25. After digging around the internet, I'm hearing that wireless g usually starts to bottleneck around 22mb. I'm not sure what to do about this. My house doesn't have any type of easy way to get an ethernet cable or jack up to my room. Could I use an old cable internet modem as a dumb hub and plug in a coaxial cable to it in order to basically get an ethernet port in my room? Another question, if I installed a wireless n router, would my wireless g laptop benefit at all or would I also have to buy a wireless n usb adapter?
  2. I'm switching from Cox 15/5 internet and television to FiOS 25/25 internet and their Extreme HD FiOS television this Friday. I can't wait. I'm so tired of cable TV. I mainly switched to get away from cox's cable TV service, not necessarily their internet, but decided it would simpler and cheaper to get their whole package deal, not to mention the increase in speed and the addition of DVR for the same price. I think more ISPs need to switch to FiOS's model of giving symmetrical download/upload speeds. I almost opted for DirecTv satellite, but FiOS seems to be the future, and I am hoping FiOS won't have the same interruptions from bad weather that satellite has. Can anyone attest to that?
  3. I use Winamp most of the times, but I also use Mediamonkey a lot when I want to edit tags on my music files. I have a lot of music and want to keep it all organized.
  4. Ryan I would highly recommend upgrading your battery. I used the droid incredible before switching to my samsung captivate and the weak 1300mah battery was also the one thing that bothered me. HTC makes great phones but has a bad habit of putting weak batteries in their powerful phones. I would recommend buying the 1500mah batter that is used the the touch pro 2. You can find them on ebay, just make sure they are new and not used. I bought mine from the seller bidaillies, just search for him on ebay. Some people might recommend the 1750 mah batter but for the price, it's not worth it and some argue that it won't perform as good as it should anyway. If you haven't already check out the phandroid forums for more tips about your phone.
  5. Hi guys, I'm wondering if there is a way to use gmail as a sort of email client in the sense that I basically wouldn't have to log into my windows live account which is an exchange account I use for school. I know we can have email forwarded to gmail, but is there a way that I can delete emails and send emails from my exchange account, from within gmail?
  6. i might've agreed with that until the Nexus S came along. Anyway... I used to have a droid incredible, its a pretty solid, dependable phone. If possible, you should consider the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, but I won't completely recommend that because many people (including me) have issues with lag due to the memory system and also many people with galaxy s devices (including me) report a bad gps experience. Some people tho say they get no lag and their phone works seamlessly. I currently have the AT&T version of the fascinate. The screens are arguably better than the ip4 screens and easily the best screens for an android phone. Compared to the incredible, the galaxy s has a bigger, better 4" Super AMOLED screen versus the 3.7" Super LCD screen on the incredible. Super AMOLED is much brighter, but still has the same color depth. Also, even tho the galaxy s screen is glossy, it handles glare much better. It has a hummingbird processor which is better for 3d gaming. The galaxy S has a 5mp camera vs the 8mp camera in the incredible. IMO the galaxy s's camera handles light much better and the 720p video is much smoother due to a higher frame rate. Also the galaxy s has a 1500mah battery vs the 1400mah battery in the incredible. I don't know if you are limited to the incredible because of the price or what not, but I'm sure, if u have an upgrade, the fascinate is $80 on amazon wireless.
  7. I completely agree. It feels somewhere between traditional email, a networking service like Facebook or a collaboration service. I haven't used it since the first day I got the invite. I would find it useful for working or group school projects or if everyone in your office at work is using it. But offices all use standard email for now and my school supplies a collaboration tool for group projects already. BTW I can spare a couple invites if anyone needs it.
  8. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 42948 Kbps about 42.9 Mbps (tested with 51200 kB) Download Speed is:: 5243 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time:: 2009/12/04 - 11:23am Bottom Line:: 749X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 0.2 sec Tested from a 51200 kB file and took 9.766 seconds to complete :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Upload Connection is:: 14117 Kbps about 14.1 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB) Upload Speed is:: 1723 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time:: 2009/12/04 - 11:25am Bottom Line:: 246X faster than 56K 1MB Upload in 0.59 sec Tested from a 5983 kB file and took 3.472 seconds to complete
  9. i'm an avg fan when it comes to free antivirus. I like avira more than avg persay, but avira free has pop-ups asking you to buy it. But recently i got McAfee because bank of america is offering all of it's customers one year free of McAfee internet security
  10. You're not bursting my bubble. I use private trackers where people seed, but even still, i can't get over 10mb on bittorrernt, or above 1mb uploading. And i've understood that powerboost wouldn't affect day to day browsing. Like someone said, speed boost only last one time. I do remember that when i was downloading the windows 7 betas and release candidate off microsoft servers, i got speeds above 15mb. Other than this, i can't tell. But either way, even tho [this.site.has.been.blocked.for.spamming] detected my powerboost i appreciate that testmy.net didn't detect my powerboost because at least i was able to have a real world situation in my test.
  11. I had road runner turbo 10mb/1mb connection for $30/month with powerbost, up to 15m/3mb for an additional $5/month but i just got rid of powerboost because it's only temporary speed. Powerboost hasn't affected web browsing and also, won't increase bittorrent speeds. Speedtest.net was able to detect my powerboost speed, but oddly testmy's speed test doesn't download at powerboost speeds.
  12. I pay $35/month introductory for the first 12 months and my speed is capped at 15mb. I can only get that speed from really good torrents or some websites that have fast downloads.
  13. Got my screen in today and installed it. It works perfectly! Honestly i think less of dell for laughing at me when i said i honestly didn't kno how my screen cracked and asking $500 for it to be replaced and another $200 for an additional one year of warranty. I got my screen off ebay for $130. They said that it was guaranteed to work on my dell vostro 1500 and to be brand new with guaranteed with no dead pixels. I was worried it would be a generic replacement, but it turned out to be the same exact model screen as the one i'm replacing.
  14. I contacted the guy selling the WSXGA+ and he said a lot of customers returned it after trying to upgrade their resolution. He didn't specify whether they had internal or external video tho. I went ahead and ordered the same resolution i currently have, WXGA+. I hope the installation goes smooth.
  15. So are u saying i should be OK to upgrade to a higher resolution LCD that's made for a dell vostro? I found a WSXGA+ on ebay for $120 or best offer. I'm going to offer $100. I can't find a WXGA+ for cheaper than $130. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250414976491&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  16. Well I'm gonna go ahead and replace the screen myself. This site gave instructions. http://www.insidemylaptop.com/replace-damaged-lcd-screen-dell-vostro-1500-laptop/ And i found a few on eBay. For some reason tho, I can find cheaper WSXGA+ screens that WXGA+ screens. Anyone know about upgrading laptop screen resolution? I have a 256mb nvidia 8600m gt in my laptop.
  17. Went to sleep, woke up and went straight to work. When i got back and opened up my laptop, the screen was cracked and a large portion of it is white. I haven't hit it. I asked around online already and i'm hearing that the only thing that can cause a laptop screen to crack is for there to be a large temperature change quickly. My laptop isn't particularly hot and the temperature outside has been consistent recently. Already called customer support and asked about having it repaired and they said it would cost $500. I might try buying a replacement screen of ebay and installing it myself. But anyway, can a screen crack like this WITHOUT being hit? I appears to be a middle with cracks and lines staggering away so i'm assuming it's a crack.
  18. as mentioned, as long as dust is blown off, you should be good. Something I read from some site a while ago is that when it comes to hard drives, leaving it on can actually be better than shutting it down and turning it back on repeatedly during the day. This is because letting it cool completely down and heating it back up causes additional expanding and shrinking.
  19. I really like the final build of firefox 3.5. It really is a bit smoother loading pages. I can't wait till firefox 4, which will probably utilize multiple processes just as google chrome does. Here is my addon collection. Only a few aren't compatible with ffx 3.5 but i use mr tech toolkit to enable them. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/collection/c7ebfee0-645e-5f8d-b6a8-43883b7c932b So, you're sticking with chrome? I really think chrome and Firefox are evenly matched. It's pretty annoying how i switch back and forth from chrome to firefox about every two weeks. I am sure tho, that when firefox gets multiple processes and speeds up a bit more even when it comes to multiple tabs, i will stay with firefox more consistently. Also, Mozilla should steal the omnibar from chrome and revamp the awesome bar. I don't like the firefox inline autocomplete (enable browser.urlbar.autoFill). You have to type in http://www. everytime instead of being able to type "test" to get to testmy.net and the rest fill in automatically. The drop down autocomplete menu is favorable over the omnibar in some cases since it take visitation frequency among other things into consideration. Here the enter selects add on saves a click. Only thing is, enter selects ruins having the urlbar in ffx used as a google search, which forces you to either press esc, create a keyword and type in "g" or "goog" before every search, or use the search bar. I installed the "peers" add on so that i can use keywords for seaches in the search bar instead of only the urlbar which i don't understand isn't possible by default.
  20. Just saw this thread so I hope you've gotten your external by now. I would've warned you that newegg is having a 10% off deal for hard drives this weekend(maximum only $10). I think it ends tonight, monday night. I just bought my first external hard drive off newegg. I got the 500GB seagate freeagent desk for $58 with free shipping. This was a cheaper version but seagate has a better line with more connection ports and such.
  21. I have to say, the difference is noticeable, but it really comes down to personal preference. Only the pipelining can actually increase how quickly after you press the mouse/enter will the page be done loading, but everything else is just changing the responsiveness and how soon/fast you can actually see the page while loading. It's nothing big, but i just found it interesting how chome and firefox go about this. Chrome obviously gets the best of both worlds due to it making use of our processors better. I have to say i see some but not much talk about browsers on this site when they afterall what uses our fast connections. Yes there's discussion on how fast the speed test loads, but when browsing, reading, and playing games on our browsers, a lot more things factor in. That said, the content. settings could theoretically? change your testmy.net score because they change whether load speed or ui responsiveness are prioritized by the browser. Maybe i'll run a few tests.
  22. I started using windows 7 and my experience score went up .1 to 4.7, it might have something to do with a driver. I've noticed in the past that my gaming graphics score which is my lowest score will change depending on what driver i have installed.
  23. I've done A LOT of tweaking with my firefox the past couple of days starting with the settings on this blog: http://codebetter.com/blogs/darrell.norton/archive/2005/01/28/48720.aspx I used the fast connection, fast computer settings. I've been using these settings for a year or two but I just took the time to look up what all those "content." entries mean. Basically content interrupt parsing allows firefox to slow loading to focus on the user interface. Content notify ontimer enables you to edit how often the render refreshes as it begins to display the page. Back off count is how many time the render will refresh at the rate of the content notify interval before it stops and just waits until the page is completely loaded. Content max tokenizing time will set the max amount of time the ui can be unresponsive while rendering the page. It is by default 3x the content notify interval. That way the ui could be unresponsive while rendering and refreshing the page 3x exactly. Content switch threshold decides how long after moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard will loading time be slowed or sacrificed to keep the ui from being unresponsive. Most articles online will tell you to make the paint delay 0 so you can start reading an article before it is loaded. I got the idea (while playing around with opera browser) to increase the paint delay to one or two seconds. Which is a setting of 1000 or 2000. If the pages finishes loading before then it will automatically appear. After using chrome for maybe the past 6 months and switching back to firefox to try out version 3.5, i got quite used to google chrome seeming to load quickly by displaying the loading page quicker.. I decided there are two ways to go. You are someone who wants to see the page loading right away to start reading or scrolling or you don't mind waiting for it to load fully. I think the idea of wanting it to start rendering quick is bogus because first of all you can't read anything in advance because in some trials i ran, the reading text either loaded last or the other things loading was distracting to actually read anything. The biggest factor is that my connection is so fast that the little bit of time extra that I would have to read something is so small it's unimportant. So in the end i decided to disable interrupting parsing so that the page would get loaded quicker and to have a long paint delay so that it all renders visably at once. My idea is that instead of getting a "snappy" feel from the page appearing right away, I want it to load as fast as possible and appear all at once. Here are my settings. nglayout.initialpaint.delay 750 content.interrupt.parsing false content.notify.backoffcount 5 content.notify.interval 750000 content.notify.ontimer true content.max.tokenizing.time and content.switch.threshold are irrelevant since content.interrupt.parsing is disabled and both that and notify ontimer have to be enabled for them to work. If you would like to go the route of having the page appear quicker, try these settings. The reason i enabled content.interrupt.parsing is becuase in theory you want to show the page to read or possibly scroll so you want the ui to not be unresponsive for a period of time. You can still disable this though if you don't like to scroll while your pages are loading. This is on be default. nglayout.initialpaint.delay 0 content.interrupt.parsing true content.notify.backoffcount 5 content.notify.interval 250000 content.notify.ontimer true content.max.tokenizing.time 750000 content.switch.threshold 250000 Remember you only have this type of flexibility if you consider yourself to have a fast connection and computer. Tell me what you guys think. I know i put a lot of thought into something that will probably not cause any speed boost, but the "appearance" of a quicker loading google chrome proved false since firefox has an automatic paint delay of a quarter second. I think where chrome does have it's extra "snappy" feeling is when loading multiple tabs or opening and loading a new tab due to the multiple processes.
  24. I installed it. No noticeable difference right away. It's all under the hood stuff. Supposedly the sidebar uses less ram, and improved bluetooth and blueray and other small things like that.
  25. lifehacker.com facebook.com answers.yahoo.com gametrailers.com digg.com
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