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  1. nope, i'm sure there isn't. there are only a few actual extensions out right now, and there is no option for that.
  2. I didn't use it long. It had more features, enough to draw my attention. More features probably mean more bugs for the time being at least tho. I think that it is a bit snappier and quicker starting up, switching tabs, and opening new tabs. Firefox is the slowest usually when it comes to being "snappy" while i think chrome is the fastest due to it using multiple processors. Mozilla is working on putting multiple processors in firefox.
  3. This site gives detailed directions on how to portforward different models of routers. http://portforward.com/
  4. what don't u like about the tabbed browsing? I'm always lookin for new ways to tweak my firefox.
  5. thanks, i've been looking for a program like this.
  6. thats cool, i found a site a couple of weeks ago that lets people upload ringtones they have created and the site will send them to whoever wants them in a text message. Its free, legit and easy. Check it out. http://www.phonezoo.com/Welcome.do this one is pretty funny http://www.phonezoo.com/Cool-Sound___Zw-6I_PyIO40dk5xztFAAA___Ringtone.htm
  7. congratulations. I've been thinkin about bein a dad lately, not becuase i want to be one yet, i wanna wait at least 10 yrs from now but i've gotten two nephews in the past year and a half from a sister and a brother. You really do grow attached to babies. I never thought it was true, but babies are really little bundles of joy.
  8. i just switched back to firefox. I started to really miss firefox remembering the form entries, some of the extensions like linkification, better gmail2, and tab mix plus. As good as chrome is and with the facy interface and tab tricks, until it incorporates more features found in firefox, i probably won't be using it. I strongly recommend it tho for people who don't need the firefox extensions.
  9. what extensions are keeping you from switching? unless its something else. Using chrome, i do get a little nostalgic when i see banner ads that move in front of the screen, or how i can't tweak the actions of the tabs that the extension tab mix plus gives you. but i've just gotten really used to the top loaded tabs and not having to chase around the 'x' button when i'm closing tabs. Also its nice to know that when i close a tab that i'm not using the ram from that page anymore unlike most browsers where its good to restart it from time to time. I have to do this especially after streaming a big video, not with chrome tho.
  10. I was just wondering what browser most people here use, there doesn't seem to be much discussion of this here even tho we discuss how fast we browse. I realize some people use two browsers a lot so you can vote for two. I myself only use google chrome because its lighter that safari and ie at least and is really fast. I was but am not hooked to adblock plus anymore so i stopped using firefox. I read that using adblock prevents revenue that websites make and can lead to things costing more on the internet.
  11. i've been using it about a month. i like its picture preview a lot better than the windows gallery. Thats about all i use it for tho.
  12. since this post, google chrome has improved a lot. I don't run into glitches or bugs on a daily basis anymore so i am happy making it my main browser. Today tho, safari 4 beta was released and it has impressed me a lot. It remains safari but takes some good features from chrome. I am gonna use it a week and try it out.
  13. is ur dual core processor a core 2 duo or pentium dual core? I would upgrade ram to atleast 1GB and make sure u have a decent amount (about 20%) free space on your hard drive at any time. Also uninstall programs you don't use, make sure programs aren't running in the background that don't need to be and defragment your hard drive every now and then
  14. 1) Any browser but ie7 or previous is good. Even ie8 is ok. i myself am using google chrome and i love it. Safari 4 beta came out today and it is also amazing. Unless you want to easily block ads or use some other exclusive extension for firefox, i would use safari 4, or google chrome. Honestly i think firefox is falling behind and is only holding people to their browser via extensions and especially adblock plus. Google chrome and Safari 4 are amazing. Chrome uses less resources in my couple hours of experience with Safari tho. 2) I hope you only have those antivirus, but not installed because sometimes they will still activate services even if you have their features disabled. If you are looking to go free, i would use either avg or avira antivir. I use avg because even tho avira is very good and uses less resources, it sometimes has pop ups asking you to buy the full version. If you want to pay, i've heard good things of kaspersky and nod32. 3) I don't use tune up utilities as i've never really seen a use for them. The only thing i use is the disk cleaner on CCleaner, i don't use the registry cleaner. I also use auslogics disk defragmenter. They are both free. 4) I also don't use a download accelerator. Some people debate whether they really help at all. A download manager is fine tho but i don't use them either.
  15. i've been using it and i'm really impressed. It uses the same and or less resources than a clean vista install. The start-up time is about 15sec shorter but then even when i get to the desktop, i can load up ie and get to a web page quicker and snappier than in vista right after start up. Also the new taskbar and window switching interface is actually useful unlike flip 3d which i haven't used once expect to see how fast i could make the windows flow.
  16. i don't think they admit defeat but i think their new strategy will actually be more effective in stopping the actual violation of copyrights instead of suing a few old ladies and some college students. They don't sue everybody because they would have to sue half the population. But they can use the isp's more easily to penalize people who copyright. I have several friends who have received letters from their friends for pirating and none that have been sued. But guess what, none of them pirate anymore.
  17. oh i think i misled everyone, i was actually more interested in just the instructions below the vid. With an example of the keys taken out, and the diagram of where the keys belong for when u put them back in.
  18. oh, i didn't watch that video. i wouldn't suggest putting the frame and circuit board of the keyboard underwater but just the keys
  19. i might buy 6 games a year but i kinda rotate and sell old ones to buy new ones.
  20. if u are using a standard keyboard, with enough space between the keys, u can pop the keys out, wash them all in a sink or something and pop them back in. What i used to do on my old keyboard is curve a paper clip upwards, stick them under the key, and pull. Look here. http://www.mahalo.com/How_to_Clean_a_Computer_Keyboard
  21. yeah the avatar system is nice but it could've been introduced better. Xbox 360 isn't a party system like the wii, so there isn't much use except for the new game show game they will be releasing.
  22. a lot, i would say i play video games about two hours everyday. it fits my schedule. I try to do the 8-8-8 thing, 8 hours for work, play, and sleep each. sleep usually gets less tho.
  23. dell makes up for in customer service what they lack in build quality. Anyway its not the 90s anymore and almost any computer you buy is gonna have decent build quality. Dell's xps, studio, latitude, precision, and their alienware lines aren't that bad.
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