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  1. i don't think hydrogen is literally a gimmick, but i don't think it will ever become a standard in cars of even have a substantial part of the car market. The hydrogen concept cars cost in the millions, electric cars. Check the link below. The Telsa Roadster is in production and is $100k. Or hell, a toyota prius starts at $21 although it sells on car lots for about $30k because of the demand for them. I don't see why we should go through the trouble of refining the hydrogen car when electric car is such a good choice. The only people i see the hydrogen car helping is the oil companies.
  2. hydrogen is a gimmic, they can't possibly produce it synthetically for all the cars in the world. It is already something like 8x the price of gas. Hydrogen is just an escape plan for oil companies. think about it, if we switch to electriciy, the gas companies will go out of business will lose most of their business and all their money, if we switch to hydrogen, at least the oil companies can switch to that and charge us for that. I'm all for plug in hybrids and electric cars. They are already here, the technology doesn't even need changing except for the cars to be a little cheaper. If we switch to electric cars and solar power plants, cars will be 100% clean.
  3. i saw it today, i have to say it is arguably, in my opinion, the best of the batman movies. It seems that the competition from marvel has made the dc movies better. The movie is so amazing, really. It could be arguably the best super hero movie of the summer. Iron man was pretty good, but heath ledger really put this movie over the top. There is also another little surprise in store. This movie could have ended halfway through and would have been great but it goes on for two and a half hours and that just makes it even more because it gives u more than u asked for. hurry and go see it. When i first heard that heath ledger died, i didn't care that much(yeah i cared some he's a human being but u kno what i mean), but after this movie, i was like wow, this guy was great, and then i started to think of all he could have still offered hollywood. I think this is his best performance and i think its a pity that if he wins awards people might say its only because he died, but really his performance is so good, anyone who sees this movie won't believe that. This movie really revived the batman series.
  4. ok yeah that for sure wins the debate this topic is stupid, sounds like something a mob of zombies would say, feeding off of oil instead of brains "we need oil, we need oil, oil OIL!!!"
  5. I want to bring up something i haven't seen talked about much. What do you guys think about the safety of shopping online? I'm not talking about scams or any insecurities one might get from shopping on a site like eBay but i just mean in general, is it safe to be transferring credit card information over the net? What are some precations someone could take to make sure that their information is safe. The only things i do are use Firefox, run comodo firewall, avg antivirus, be smart about what i click online, and only shop at well known trustworth retailers. Is there anything else a person can do to be safer?
  6. vista....i honestly don't see anything wrong with it. That said, i don't have any special computer needs that some users might need and keep them off of vista. I tried ubuntu linux but it seems that it offers more control that i bargained for so i stay away from it.
  7. lol, yeah i can feel the love in this place
  8. yeah it happened already, he lifted the executive ban, but there is still a congressional ban on it so the move was really symbolic. I don't think oil companies should waste time building new offshore oil platforms when as soon as obama gets into office there is gonna be more focus on alternative energy. Even bush said in his speech on the issue that one day cars wont run on gas. bush does get credit for tryin to do something at least.
  9. look at the numbers of deaths of US vs British soldiers, does that mean anything to u? Moaning about oil makes u sound like some selfless, old, country hick from america that makes this country look bad. Someone who just waves the good ol' red white and blue and puts up a fake visage of tolerance when all he or she really wants is for the rest of the world to be the same...oh wait... People in america need to get over this damn type of patriotism where we don't care about others before someone blows us all to hell with a nuke we helped to pay for through oil. People acted like this couldn't happen till 9/11. The same or worse will happen if we don't change our ways. And even if we stop buying from the middle east, we need to stop polluting our earth. Some of u might be damn near senior citizens but i still have my whole life ahead of me and don't want to deal with this shit.
  10. no i was just letting him kno that african americans use the internet to and he should be more respectful in what he says. i'm not one to complain about someone calling someone a nigger but i was just letting him kno
  11. of course i know there are damn votes on the issue, but bush is the f***ing president. he was the one i saw on tv blabbering about how "oh no, oh no they have weapons of mass destruction, they are the ones putting anthrax in evelopes and sending them to government agencies, oh no, oh no, they have biological weapons, oh no, even tho we searched their whole damn country and didn't find weapons of mass destruction we better invade them to make sure of it." Do u mean to tell me that if he was against it or at least not supporting it that we wouldn't have invaded iraq? I'm not an idiot, i'm not misinformed, don't insult my intelligence, u can't win a debate by just saying the other person doesn't kno what they are talking about. Bush is the f***ing president and he had a bigger part in attacking iraq than anyone else.
  12. the reason we should leave iraq isn't cus of things like this, it isn't because of the condition we left their country, it isn't even becuase we shouldn't be in iraq in the first place. The reason we should leave iraq is because both the government and the people want us out. the Iraq prime minister was quoted saying he wants the us out. Of course the people want us out. As long as we are still in there we are only making the situation worse and helping to spawn more terrorists by killing the parents and aunts and uncles of children who will grow to hate the us. What we need to do if anything is reinforce our boys in Afghanistan and find osama bin laden.
  13. If i'm not listening to the media then who do i listen to? and yeah i do listen to the media but i can dicern the difference between bs and legit stuff. I mean better listening to the media than the idiot on this forum calling obama a ni**er. i mean obama is for the three major issues that need to be solved, clean energy, a legit exit plan from iraq, and bringing back the middle class. Like i said i don't agree 100% on anything he says but still i trust he will solve it. No one person is gonna be able to solve everything. And yeah he's a slick salesman but hell he's got to get in office before he can do anything, so what? And blacks are only 16% of the population. Hilary had women and all the bill supporters, obama beating her shows how much faith people have in him. obama's for the middle class either way, what's wrong with that? I'm an economics major and i kno obama taxing the rich is no worse than bush's foolish stimulus plan. obama's for exiting iraq on a REALISTIC time scale, what's wrong with that? obama's for clean energy, what's wrong with that? this are the positions that most people agree with and obama is realistic about solving this issues, what is there to hate about him?
  14. we don't need oil, we need energy. but on the subject of oil, how dumb could bush be to invade iraq unnecessarily and not even be able to take thier oil for us. i mean if we are gonna do wrong to them which i disagree with 100% we might as well take their oil while we're at it.
  15. yeah, true but my point is candidates shouldn't tell everyone what they want to hear because they want to be popular, they should tell the people the cold hard truth. I don't love obama's ideas about taxes sometimes but i TRUST he will do what it takes to make the country better, even if it means changing his policy, this is why i'm voting for him. Can we seriously sit here and spit on Obama after 8 years of bush? Bush is so idiotic that people are telling him what he needs to do but he's so damn stubborn he won't listen. Honestly i kinda expected this much resistance to Obama, i mean they shot abe lincoln and the kennedys no doubt someone's gonna hate on obama
  16. whoa thats going a little too far, lets not get racist, i'm african american and i wouldn't expect to read that on a respectable site like this. anyway i think people are too hard on obama and are just skeptical because of all the good he promises. But he doesn't even promise everything good, he promises that he will do his best and respect what americans want. What i mean is that if obama wrongly invaded iraq like bush did, obama wouldn't have gone on for years still about how he is still right for doing it when there is obviously no reason for it. Osama runs free while saddam hussein is dead because bush junior felt like he owed his daddy something. i mean come on, give the man a chance, after 8 years of bush, someone like obama who only wants to do good can't be so bad. obama won't invade iraq and still say he was right 4 years later, obama won't say he was under sniper fire in bosnia if he wasn't and still say there was sniper fire after an obvious video, and i believe that obama will admit that his technique was wrong and change them if things go wrong and obama will change his foreign policy if he has to. people talk about him flip flopping on issues and that he has no experience, i think this is bad for campaigning but in the long run GOOD for the world. if he needs to change then he should. WE NEED TO STOP LOVING OUR COUNTRY SO MUCH AND PUT THE GOVERNMENT IN A POSITION THAT WE CAN TRUST IT. although i can't say i love every opinion of obama, i TRUST that he will do good for our country. People love candidates because they are exactly what they view in themselves, but i myself would rather trust the candidate that they would do what they need to do opposite of what they originally said. People loved bush and his wars when he first started them but now bush is stubbornly sticking by his wars cus of how much people origianlly loved him, but now its too late and he won't leave iraq because of how much people loved him and locked him into the idea of war.
  17. Just uploaded my third video on youtube about tips and tricks for windows vista. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_LhTPuai9Y If you haven't seen my first two, here they are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NNsRNwG0og http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpOPTJ3tQFw
  18. i switched back to netvibes, i like how i have my gmail, hotmail, facebook, myspace, weather, digg, news, and some stocks i follow all load. It just loads a little slow. i hope firefox 3 will load it a little quicker.
  19. didn't like igoogle, netvibes loads too slow and causes hang-up at firefox launch, i don't need or want the default firefox google search, so right now i'm using the new york times as my home page. What are you guys using???
  20. oh thanks. I installed ubuntu 8.04 and couldn't get my video card to work for some reason so thats why i asked. thanks tho.
  21. btw swimmer, is there a way to install ubuntu 7.1 with Wubi? I have wubi 8.04 that will only install to 8.1. Would i have to use Wubi 7.04 and then upgrade to 7.1?
  22. Do you see Linux being the OS of the future? I certainly see it at least playing a more direct role in the world of mainstream operating systems. I would compare the nature of Linux to Firefox in that it might take a while for it to catch on, but as more and more users start to see it is a very good OS, and it gains a bigger community of enthusiasts, more software developers will take it into consideration and make it more of a standard. Linux is able to be both easy to use, and highly technical and customizable at the same time. I think if more applications ran on Linux, it would take a bigger portion of the market share. I think Linux and Ubuntu as an OS couldn't improve anywhere that the developers already aren't. I ran gutsy gibbon for a week and declared it to be better than Windows Vista at least to me. An OS should be all about accessibility to your programs and features and Ubuntu does this best. This is why I consider Linux to be the greatest OS ever created. With things such as openoffice.org and Photoshop express, it looks like there is a good possibility of Linux being able to bring many of the mainstream applications from windows and mac to Linux. Even if Ubuntu doesn't win the market at anytime, at least its gaining popularity will bring more ideas and competition into the arena of computer operating systems. I don't currently have Ubuntu installed anymore because i am waiting until 8.1 comes out so i can install it with Wubi. Just a rant, what do you guys think?
  23. do the math. lets say that 25% of the supply is HP 25% dell, and 24% ibm. Then 26% mc. Thats still 74%pc. I wouldn't trust info coming off a mac "rumor" site that hasn't actually been verified with statistics. I've honestly never seen schools give kids pc's i have an older sister in college and a brother who was recently in college and both schools gave out what i think were hp laptops. 2 schools out of the hundreds (thousands?) is nothing. It is possible tho i wouldn't kno. But i do kno it was recently reported that 25% of students at my school use macbooks.
  24. thats just stupid no college at a university is gonna tell u to get a mac unless it deal directly with graphic design, and if they do tell u to get a mac for anything else then it probably isn't that important to get a mac anyway. I go to syracuse university and i just checked what they recommend. Business school - pc communications - mac or pc depending on major architecture - either, prefer pc arts and sciences - either engineering - pc human services/ health - pc law school - pc information studies - pc art and design - mac drama - pc music - either environmental science - pc landscape architecture - pc What type of major are u going into? Unless you are sure you are going into something dealing with graphic design, i would just go on and get a pc. If u just want a mac there is a 13" for $1,099 but i would suggest anyone getting a laptop as a main computer get at least a 14". If you have a desktop too a 13" wouldn't be that bad since you could use ur desktop and not always have a small screen. Also that mac is expensive for what u get. You could get better specs in a 15" from any other manufacture with better specs for the same price. Yeah the mac would have better build quality, but for that you could just get a dell latitude or IBM in which the price would go up anyway. Don't go for that $700 mac. I just ordered my sister who is also going to college next year a dell with 2GB ram, core 2 duo 5450(1.6GHz), webcam, 120GB hard drive, integrated graphics for $700. I just don't think macs are worth thinking about getting unless you have about $1600 to spend, if so they are an excellent option arguably the best in the laptop realm. Oh and something else is that there is still 5 months till next school year and a lot of things will have changed so u could get more for ur money so u may want to think about waiting.
  25. if she's worried about her credit card info being transferred over the net then u can still order anything online through the phone
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