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  1. i swear, verizon dsl people are helping to pay for fios. As old as dsl is they wouldnt dare reduce the price. FIOS is still a new thing that requires a professional installation (i think) and a lot of testing and maintenance but they r the ones who r getting the price reduction.
  2. i dont keep it on, i just run a scan every now and then, otherwise it is off, so yeah i get the problem whether its on or off. I was just asking cus a lot of people say they get some small problems when using a registry cleaner. Do u use a reg cleaner?
  3. turn what off, the registry cleaner only runs when i tell it to.
  4. Whemm i try to instll a program that has more than one cd, my computer freezes up when its time to switch cd's. I tried with more than one program and it does the same thing. I use ccleaner which is a registry cleaner. Could this be causing my problem?
  5. well thank god, now my caps are back up to 3360/864, and im gettin 2.9 on the speed tests. I was tired of my caps of 2560/512 and a 2.1 download......
  6. No, ur wrong, they have a new package at 768K/128K for 15 dollors a month, every month. Check it out <A HREF="http://www22.verizon.com/ForHomeDSL/channels/dsl/packages/default.asp">here</A>
  7. u shouldnt be paying 30 a month for 768, 768 is 15 a month, and 1.5 and above is 30. u should check up on that. ur getting bullshi**ed.
  8. now my caps that used to be 3360/768 are now 2560/512. I wish they would stop playin with my connection because i keep having to change my cablenut settings every other day.
  9. You all know why this is happening right, i didnt see any post that said why. It is because one of the gas ports for the oil supertankers in Louisiana was shutdown by the hurricane an it provide 25% of the usa's oil. My gas went up 40cents overnite and the guy that works there says it should be up to $4.00 soon. Where i live we were always below the average for price of gas so now its a shock for everyone to be paying more than $3.00 per gallon.
  10. Well ive been using ccleaner, and been thinking about switching to registry mechanic. Do any of u know which is best, but it probably either doesnt matter or wont be able to tell anyway.....
  11. How big is the risk when using registry cleaners? Are u completely safe if u hve a backup of ur registry? And also if u mess up your registry, wil u always be okay if u did a system restore to the day before.
  12. What exactly is opera? And are u saying that the order of the tabs on top are changing? UPDATE: NVM, i kno now
  13. Thanks swimmer, i think im gonna get that linksys.
  14. do absolutely all antennas workfor the 327w, and how does a range extender work.
  15. what is the difference between this and a tracert?
  16. Do ya'll think the best way to get cablenut settings for the fastest connection is to use j79zlr's calculator, use premade settings, or use a tutorial (i forgot where i found it) that walks u through making ur own custom cablenut settings.
  17. ok, i have a wireless gateway, but the signal is very weak so i only get like 1mb when im on my laptop in my room, but the whole 3 when im standing next to it, and also i have a xbox which i need to keep hooked up but i want to be able to use a shorter cable. I'm not about to get that wireless adapter for my xbox since i am about to get the xbox 360 when it comes out anyway. And really, the reason why my wireless connection is so weak is because the antenna is kind of severed and is noticably weaker so does anyone know wehre i can get a replacement antenna for a westel 327w? So really to solve my problem i just need that antenna and untill i get the 360, imma have to keep this 35ft of cord to my xbox.
  18. Is there a way to set up my home network in a way where i can have one gateway hooked up to my computer and then have my spare modem hooked up in another room so i dont have to run a ethernet cable from one end of my hose to the other.
  19. I bet that dsl customers are slightly paying for fios so fios can stay so low. cuz it seems like fios prices should be higher anyway since it requires professional installation. Do other dsl ISPs really give those 5 and 7MB connections for $30 or less a month? I think we should start a petition of people who want a faster connection by 6 months or we r gonna switch to another isp.
  20. yeah i do live kind of far from that verizon building. My upload speed is changing almost daily now.
  21. Well i guess it just decided to "fluxuate" again because now my caps are up to 3360/864 which is the highest upload speed i've ever had from dsl.
  22. No, i know what my cap is, my cap was 3360/768, but now they changed my cap to 3200/608. When i was on 3360/768 my actual speeds were about 2900/710, but since my caps are lower, my actual speeds now r like 2750/680.
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