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  1. In that article, it says that u should have firewalls configured right or they will cause problems with the pppoe connection, is there something I should do if im using windows firewall with sp2, and nortan antivirus and windows antispyware auto protect.
  2. I'm on verizon DSL and currently set-up on a ppoe connection through my router, how do i get the regular connection where u can just plug in a connect instead of having toset-up a ppoe connection on my westell 327 gateway.
  3. This article is so odd, it almost seems like a joke. Being on the computer a lot has nothing to do with your attitude, the way you dress, or your grades.
  4. depends on what his advertised speeds are which he hasnt mentioned, tho they r probably 3/384, which would mean hes getting what he's paying for and has nothing to complain about.
  5. just wondering, what's drm and whats wromg with WMA?
  6. but u have to admit, when he went back and cleared his cache, then came back and was like, "yay, the cache only slowed me down!" when the results were only cached anyway was funny. But i dont mean this to be rude or anything, it was funny.
  7. I think it's funny when some people get odd or cached results like this and think they are real. Try speakeasy.net speed test if you are still getting these funny results.
  8. I've tried mcaffee a couple of times, but it always slows my comp down to ridiculus speeds and makes it crash a lot, so i just stick wit norton.
  9. I'm just asking, is that what the price of the upgrade will cost, i've never bought an OS at release or even installed a new OS but if thats what it will cost to upgrade i will probably get it. How much will it cost.
  10. So, its ur modem or router that decides this? I'll look into it, thanx.
  11. I'm on a home network and i want to know if there is a way to limit the bandwidth that each comp. gets or give one comp. first dibs on the bandwidth.
  12. they look new and innovative, but the other themes and stuff that come out will probably be better.
  13. I dont like the look of office 12 or the vista default theme.
  14. What do u have to do to get hold of these beta microsoft programs like vista and office12? Does microsoft issue them only to certain people?
  15. true, thats why i stopped using them, dont have to be so harsh, damn.
  16. i sent a very very large program to a friend one time, im on 700 up and he was on 1.5 down and i think i was getting my full speed but i dont remember....
  17. are u using a registry cleaner, i always find them as something good to blame problems on.
  18. my uncle wont switch from aol because then u cant do parental controls easy, cus he has a lot of kids, and even my dad still uses aol because of his businesses e-mail, so we actually have aol and dsl right now, which is a complete waste of money.
  19. we should have another big increase in members when people get an X360 and dial up people switch to high speed and want some advice.
  20. This tweak does seem to make my pages appear quicker but load slower. Even though it "seems to take more time in all, i can definitely tell that they start earlier. What it seems like to me is that it removes the delay where firefox waits for info, then quickly makes all the info appear real quick, and instead takes the info as it comes. I dont know if this is good for everyone, but when i do testmy.net speed tests now, it slowed my connection from what is usually 2.9MB to only 2MB Also, how do i remove that nglayout thing from about:config?
  21. I should have said that i already use cablenut and reenter the settings every time after i use a reg cleaner.
  22. My registry is really messed up from me using ccleaner, not to "blame" it on ccleaner but i simply didnt get these problems before, my computer starts up fine and everything, but its mainly my internet connection is very eratic, and not workin every now and then, and going slow, but its constant. Any advice, my registry is so messed up, that i try to just use a reg cleaner, but even if i try to "lightly" clean it, i still get big problems. Why and what can i do? I'm sorry but somebody might want to move this to the Help! with other stuff page.
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