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  1. For some of us simple users you might take out some of the abbreviations and say it in plain english. Please! Tom
  2. :oops:So far I don't seem to have had a decent suggestion so far due to my little knowledge of computers. But hopefully this one will rate at least an o.k. My geek friend was helping me to eliminate my wimpy Norton Anti-Virus and told me to go to Grisoft for their's and I naturally got lost in the website which is usually pretty good because I usually find some interesting stuff. This particular item was called vcleaner.On Grisoft's opening page in search box type vcleaner in there and download onto a c.d. Reason to download it instead is because (it states) that you need to rename it so the virus won't be able to play hide and go seek with it. Meaning i could not find when I got in safe-mode. So old horse sense told me maybe I could pull it off of the c.d. drive. Wham it worked. Don't actually get to see it do anything but run,it always says it did not find anything. But things stop acting weird after using it. By the way it says to run AVG free in normal windows with internet off to do final cleanup. Probably any virus program will do. Always works for me. Maybe it will deep clean for you too. Replies would be welcome to know it worked for someone else also. Worked for other friends also. By the way they say never to have two virus cleaners on same machine. Maybe because it works in safe-mode, I don't know. Good luck
  3. Then how do you keep the water out of yours, any other suggestions/
  4. :haha:Just remember a little tidbit that some people might not have figured out yet that helped out a whole lot!! When I first got my d-way it rained one night and I lost all transmissions. I called tech support that night, they said they would send someone out the very next morning, they came as promised. Before they got there, I got a wonderful idea after looking at dish the from the ladder and noticed that the little window on the nose was half full of water so I decided to relieve it of the water. I went up the ladder armed with a sewing needle and punched two little holes in the clear window to allow water to escape. Went downstairs and low and behold it had started working. When installer showed up he said that was a fine idea. and he had no problems with that. so when it rains I only lose transmissions till it quits, not all night and till whinever!!Hope this helps someone not as lucky to hit right solution so easily!!!
  5. I have also noticing that some lf you have been talking about satellite dish size. Does it really matter? If so would a large old aluminum satellite say 15 feet maybe help? Don't mind trying crazy things if would help get my d-way off the ground a little faster.
  6. So you really think it makes a considerable difference between the two?
  7. Which TCP optimizer is really the best? The reverands,Cablenuts, or Speed Guides. I hear alot of conversation about each of them, mostly about Cablenuts. The reason I was wondering was I have been using the reverands with quite a bit of success. But didn't know if it made a whole lot of difference, although most people have a little bit better connection speed than I do, and I have been a little bit leary about going with some registry key changes. Although I have done most everything else. Not sure how to paste scores but average conection speed is usually around 1400, and like everybody else my download sucks. :? : Also standard dway account,e-machines t6522,2G ram, no router,simple.
  8. Has anyone used the Browsing Optimization Utility in the system control center of direcway? If so what does do? Read a lot good tweaks in here but could not find any forum searches on this subject.. : :?
  9. This is my first post so here goes.I have been a member for a short time and find this a quite interesting site.The reverend is quite correct.My average download was originally 670 average .My download was average around 1000 when i used the reverends teqnique. But i kept on doing it several more times and i got up :D :arrow: to around 1400 downloadspeeds. Thanks fellas. Tom
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