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    iyukon got a reaction from mudmanc4 in DGS-1224T acting as a dummy switch - will not reset to default   
    Call D-Link and see what kind of response you get.
    Drop it off a tall building and put it on YouTube.
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    iyukon reacted to oldsmokey in hello new fibre customer as of monday aug5   
    so far so good tested speeds average 80 down 35 to 40 up ,here in lil ole vermont
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    iyukon reacted to Melvyn Figueroa in Hi all from Birmingham UK   
    Hi testmy.net 
    Thank you for this site first of all. I have browsed through it and found it very informative. Some of the results I got were astonishing to say the least. 

    I am currently on Sky Broadband (Unlimited) they advertise up to 24mbps down but in actual fact I get 4.1 down, according to this test result. Sky claims I should get between 7-14 Mbps so this is significantly lower than what was advertised for me. I pay £7.50 which isn't much at all but the point is I am not getting what they claimed I would get.

    ​I shall be bookmarking this site and checking back regularly on members score. I find it interesting to see what other get from other countries and maybe compare my results with them


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    iyukon reacted to obie in Hello   
    Just started using TestMy and it seems quite powerful.
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    iyukon reacted to CA3LE in Hello   
    thanks for your patronage... I really haven't even started yet. Keep visiting and over time you'll watch it get closer and closer to my vision. I'm one guy putting it all together so it takes time... but I'm always developing to make TMN better for you. I have much more in store, stick around and see.
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    iyukon got a reaction from CA3LE in [Hello World]   
    Thank you both for the warm welcome.
    Gotta love that sweet, sweet fiber optic honey. Apparently, I have the ability to sign up for speeds up to 300/65 or something like that... The rep. says most people can't get that high... ODD
    Anyway, I may post content on security hardware. I don't do much on the software side of things.
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    iyukon reacted to CA3LE in Include results before I signed up   
    Hi Angela,
      Usually you have to query the Connection ID separately to look at the results you took when you weren't logged in.   Having said that... I added a feature for you.  By default it will now include the tests taken on the same connection.  It will highlight the result yellow if it's not logged by username.  (see the screenshot)   You can also toggle the feature on and off below the results list. (see the other screenshot)   Hope this helps.  Please note that only works on the connection that you're using, if you share the page others can still only see the results logged by username.  If your IP changes those results will remain but may be lost unless you know the ID.  My next database upgrade will track your IP changes so after that you won't have to worry.  Until then, stay signed in and you'll easily track your results.     Thanks for the suggestion, please let me know what you think. - Damon - TestMy.net  
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    iyukon reacted to CA3LE in Stop attacking me   
    I get this one often... I think that people research the attacker and end up finding information I have listed, then they use my contact form for some reason.  Maybe they think I'm the ISP. All I know is that lots of people send me emails like the following.
    Hi Adi,
      You've probably mistaken the tool that's helping you research your attacker for the attacker.  I run TestMy.net and have no connection to that IP address, other than providing information about who they are.  You probably were researching the IP and found information like...   Research IP   Good luck tracking them down.  I have to deal with hackers like that on a daily basis, I know your pain.  Your attacker is from China, your best to find a way to block the attack; if you have a hard time contact your ISP.  Contacting the attackers ISP in China (or Russia) is usually hopeless.  Which is dumb because it degrades their network as much as yours... attacks usually take bandwidth, the Chinese and Russians weaken their own networks by not working with us.   Probably about 90% of attacks on my servers come out of China or Russia.  It's not because the Chinese and Russians are out to get us... the hackers are often in different countries tunneling in.  Those countries just don't seem to care if their computers attack Western computers and networks, they don't do much to stop it.     If you're getting DDoS attacked your host may be able to filter your traffic through something like Cisco Guard.  I've had my host do that a few times for me, it does a great job.  It allows good traffic to continue flowing while stopping the attack.  Last time I had it enabled it was blocking a little aggressively and denied some genuine traffic.  But it still helped to mitigate the situation.  Your host should provide this for you free of charge.  Stopping attacks like this makes their networks faster and better... they need to help you stop it, the data is flowing through the network you essentially rent from them.    --- if your host won't help, find a new host.   - Kind Regards, - Damon  
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    iyukon reacted to mudmanc4 in [Hello World]   
    And consistant as anything ! 
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    iyukon reacted to CA3LE in [Hello World]   
    Welcome to TMN Mr. Yukon!

    I hope to see you post about you passions. I can always use good content and writing about what your passionate about equals good content... always.

    See ya around, thanks for your continued patronage.
    - D

    btw... awesome speeds. FiOS is the sh!t.
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    iyukon got a reaction from mudmanc4 in [Hello World]   
    New to the forums, but have been testing speeds with TMN for a very long time... I don't remember how long, so please don't ask... hah
    So far I like what I see and will likely pop in and out of the Security & Firewalls section(s); that is where my passions lie.

    Look forward to chatting with yall.
    Take care,
    Mr. Yukon
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    iyukon got a reaction from CA3LE in [Hello World]   
    New to the forums, but have been testing speeds with TMN for a very long time... I don't remember how long, so please don't ask... hah
    So far I like what I see and will likely pop in and out of the Security & Firewalls section(s); that is where my passions lie.

    Look forward to chatting with yall.
    Take care,
    Mr. Yukon
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    iyukon reacted to CA3LE in New Members, Please Read!   
    First, if you don't plan on adding value to conversation... leave.  Simple posts saying "hi" that contain no true value to the forum may be seen as spam and removed.  Tell us something worth typing... share your speed, share your experience or tell me what you think of what I've built.  As long as you're a real person posting real content you have nothing to worry about.  Bots on the other hand don't last long here.

    We'd love to have you introduce yourself as a new member, so please click here to make a post to the New Members board that you're currently in.  That way we can all give you a warm welcome and answer any questions you may have.  But please, if you have a question about your system, connection or any computer related question please make those posts in the board that suits the topic best.  If you don't know where your topic should go just post it to General Discussion and one of us will point the topic in the right direction for ya.

    To see a list of the boards you should make your posts to all you need to do is go to the Forum Default Page.  Make sure you take note of the sub-forums that are with-in some of the forums.  These sub-forums can sometimes give you more specific help.

    Most importantly... enjoy yourself here, this community is full of not only helpful self proclaimed (and proud of it) computer nerds it's also full of people having a great time!  Many people become addicted to our forums so I'd just like to warn you... you may be with us till the day you die, but at least you'll make a ton of really kick ass friends along the way.

    - Damon
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