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New Members, Please Read!


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First, if you don't plan on adding value to conversation... leave.  Simple posts saying "hi" that contain no true value to the forum may be seen as spam and removed.  Tell us something worth typing... share your speed, share your experience or tell me what you think of what I've built.  As long as you're a real person posting real content you have nothing to worry about.  Bots on the other hand don't last long here.

We'd love to have you introduce yourself as a new member, so please click here to make a post to the New Members board that you're currently in.  That way we can all give you a warm welcome and answer any questions you may have.  But please, if you have a question about your system, connection or any computer related question please make those posts in the board that suits the topic best.  If you don't know where your topic should go just post it to General Discussion and one of us will point the topic in the right direction for ya.

To see a list of the boards you should make your posts to all you need to do is go to the Forum Default Page.  Make sure you take note of the sub-forums that are with-in some of the forums.  These sub-forums can sometimes give you more specific help.


Most importantly... enjoy yourself here, this community is full of not only helpful self proclaimed (and proud of it) computer nerds it's also full of people having a great time!  Many people become addicted to our forums so I'd just like to warn you... you may be with us till the day you die, but at least you'll make a ton of really kick ass friends along the way.

- Damon

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