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  1. I'm not entirely sure of LG electronics is an "Off Brand" but the one i have here is good. (lower priced means about 350 euros) The first one i got was not that good on color and had some dead pixels, and i could switch it for a new one for free. The guarantees are a thing you have to look for as well. LG flatron L1915S here.
  2. The advertisement is not about the car. "Need Glasses?" "Your Opticien" (or glasses salesman)
  3. I'm using the windows 2000/classic interface of windows till i can get something that looks good and takes even less room.
  4. I can tell you that other "Legacy" software (Photoshop release 5 and lower, illustrator 8 and lower) can't handle more than 512 mb ram at all. but windows 95 can deal with up to 2 GB. look here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q181594/
  5. I wonder, why would anyone reduce the performance of a cpu? Are there advantages in stability or cooling?
  6. Interesting idea, because here (Holland), downloading things is legal. Uploading copyrighted material, that isn't owned by you, however is not legal. We have some civil research organizations who are like the RIAA, or at least pretend to be like them, but they only threaten with going to court, and hope they can bluff themselves trough, becuase they know just like most other people here that they won't have a case that can be used successfully. The matter that the IRAA wins in court is becuase they have a near unlimited financial back-up to continue the process, and that isn't a benefit most people have when they are faced with charges that are not sufficiently backed up, but are brought to you by a "really expensive lawyer with good looking looks and suitTM ®".
  7. Gee... Why am i considering to roll back to windows 2000 all of a sudden, and just patch the hell out of that. I'm not going to upgrade, and i bet there is an online activation tied into vista as well. Too bad i spent too much money on windows only software o make a transfer to linux. (and i don't like mac)
  8. I'm not going to watch it. (need to go to the dentist and will have 2 sets of wisdomteeth removed in a couple of weeks)
  9. I use a slipstreamed windows xp sp2 install cd. (basically any windows xp cd can be reworked to become one.) http://www.theeldergeek.com/slipstreamed_xpsp2_cd.htm <-- follow that one for detailed instructions. (I really need to make one for windows 2000 + sp4 and the rollup patches too)
  10. So thats what the handle is for... Better grip to toss them!
  11. Started off with a C64 (specs obvious, but can't recall them at the moment) 2nd was a Philips 9100, XT type pc, and a whole 30 megs of harddrive, unknown processor 3rd: Dell, Pentium 200 mhz mmx, 32 mb ram, 3 GB harddrive, 4mb matrox millennium I videocard those were my first computerers
  12. Easy thing to start: buy a second hand old pc. The remove everything except the buttons and the flopydrive (!) and leave the wires from the buttons in place as well. Make sure to find the right lay-out for the wires to hook up the switches and lights. If you have an AT case, be prepared to do some sawing in the case to make things fitting for the connections. Philipshead screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, motherboard raising studs, screws <-- all needed too.
  13. you mean thatxp sp1 is ot affected by this then? I'm not too certain about that. Just healthy paranoia towards virusses, and even if i dislike some of the marketing of MS, i believe their intention is not to hinder you in your computer usage.
  14. Solution the easy way: go to the windows file options and remove any program assignment to files with the wmf extention so it won't be opened/executed automatically. You stil can access your normal wmf files by first starting the program you use for it, and then opening the file. As far as i know, problem solved, or lat least less of a thing to worry about.
  15. Looks like he has one big music collection. And if he is into making 3d models and animations, he might need all that.
  16. All i know that it is a lithium ion battery that came with this laptop. it is not the original (slight color difference with the rest of the laptop) but it does the job quite fine. 14.8V 4400mAh 6 cell battery that goes in my laptop
  17. Sorry for being confusing, but i'm using a dutch language version of win xp, not an english one, so translating things can be awkward. (windows should be supplied with multiple language settings, like mac osx)
  18. "We from AMD, reccomend AMD over Intel. Because we know whats best for you."
  19. I'm using a Compac EVO 610, and have a battery life of about 4 hours as a maximum, and that is with word, excel and filemaker open. Sometimes with older batteries, they will loose some capacity, and if you think the battery is really dead, get a ziplock bag and put the battery unit it there, and put the whole in the freezer for a few hours. You would be surprised how much the things improve with a temperature reset. (My battery went from 45 minute capacity to 4 hours again)
  20. Phew... Are you certain it is happening about every 60 days or something? Because then all you have to do is to right click in your desktop, go to "screen configuration" then to "Desktop" and then "Adjust desktop" and check off the "wizard clear/clean desktop every 60 days". Because to me it appears that you have that wizard running.
  21. Dirk


    I think some little bit more information might be appriciated. What are the games you try to play? what operating system are you using, win 98/ME/2000/XP / mac OS 8/9/X / Linux? Are you running the latest/best drivers for the hardware? What kind of and how fast is your processor? what is your system ram? how much free harddisk space do you have? And indeed, what is your videocard. Personally i never heard of a zues 5500, but guess it is a nvidia chipset based on de fx 5500 series? We can come a long way if you can find these things out, and so can when we tr to help you.
  22. If this is what i think it is (coolwebsearch/coolwww or something similar) you're pretty much down to one solution and thats trying (yes, that bad) of removing it, but the guy who wrote the coolwww remover couldn't remove the latest versions of it anymore so his advice was to format your c: and re-install windows. Try the safebooting, and the msconfig thing first. also try to see if there are any suspicious things running in the task manager (around 42 - 45 objects listed is average with windows xp when you have internet and an IM program open.) Close the suspicous things and try to scan.
  23. I'm not certain if it is a FF1.5 or a quicktime 8 integration bug, but *.mov files streaming from sites like maxon.de did crash the browser several times. It can be possible that it is a server thing, but i think that that is unlikely
  24. i scored 6 out of 10. but i'm way too paranoid about info so i checked almost everything off as being a scam.
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