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  1. Hi again, I was just wondering how I would delete wallpapers that are found under the right click, properties, desktop area? Thanks a lot!
  2. UXTheme patcher. It requires no resources whatsoever, and will let you apply any .msstyle you like. You can find it http://www.llbbl.com/data/nw_uxpatcher.zip You can find .msstyles http://browse.deviantart.com/?catpath=customization/skins/windows/visualstyle/&order=9&alltime=yes Simply download, unpack anywhere, and double-click the .msstyle to apply it.
  3. Or can you post where the option is in your BIOS and maybe it will be similar? I'm stuck on this and its very frustrating
  4. I can't seem to find the option In my Dell Dimension DIM4600. Its the Dell Bios Revision A07. Can anyone direct me to this? Thank You
  5. Yeah, I'm glad they updated it, and the problem goes away if I exit iTunes and re-enter so its not that big of a hassle, just wanted to kno what I could do. I like how you cna make itunes look like a jukebox
  6. Well im not gonna say. If you live in Illinois, have comcast, and have been boosted. TELL ME NOW IF WHERE YOU LIVE!
  7. If you live in Illinois and have gotten boosted, can you give a general location as to where you live from chicago? Thanks
  8. Ok, thanks. At least I know its not something wrong on my end.
  9. It's kind of hard to describe, but there is a break up in the songs in iTunes and I think it has to do with the music being on my slave drive. I have plenty of memory left (375MB) but it sounds crappy and is annoying. Is there anythign I could try to make the songs play through smoothly? Thank You for any help
  10. One 80gig master, and now a 200gb slave, which during installation allowed me to break my computer that is being fixed now
  11. I've concluded it has something to do with the power, so I'm going to have my dad's friend look @ it. Thanks to all who tried to help.
  12. I think it MIGHT have something to do with the power, because I can't open my CD drive when I'm booting either. That should be able to open right? And I got the drives working, at the same time, before with the current jumper location, so I don't think thats it. But I TRULY appreciate you trying to help:)
  13. OK All connections are tight. How can I make sure that they are not both master other than by making sure one is plugged into the grey end of the IDE cable and the other to the black end? Thanks
  14. Ok, here is the BIOS menu + options that I think have to deal with the HDD. Drive config: Sata Primary Drive: (auto or off) Sata Secondary Drive: (A o O) Primary Master Drive: (A o O) Pimary Slave Drive (A o O) Secondary Master: (A o O) Secondary Slave (A o O) IDE Drive UMDA Hard Drive Acoustics Mode = Bypass Under Hard Disk Drive Sequence: 1. System BIOS boot Devices 2. USB Device (not installed) And under boot sequence: 1. Hard Disk Drive (not installed) 2. Diskette Drive 3. CD-ROM Device ( not installed) _______________________________________________________ All of that is with JUST the old drive in, attached as it was before I tried to install the slave drive. P.S. I had both the slave and the master working at the same time before I decided to move it into the bay for protection to overheating.
  15. Both of the drives are Maxtor. And it doesn't recognize them when set to auto.
  16. Well I gotta get up @ 6 AM tomorrow, so I'm callin it a night. But I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I'll get it working then. Thanks all
  17. I'm not quite sure what you mean but It looks like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.asp?Image=22%2D144%2D122%2D06%2Ejpg%2C22%2D144%2D122%2D07%2Ejpg&CurImage=22%2D144%2D122%2D07%2Ejpg&Description=Western+Digital+Caviar+SE+WD800JB+80GB+7200+RPM+IDE+Ultra+ATA100+Hard+Drive+%2D+OEM I have the ATA cable connecting to the right spot on the mother board, and in that location + the power supply plugged into the right spot. I really hope something didn't break Thanks
  18. Is there a probability that I messed up the hard drive? The Drive does make some noise before it tells me that no primary device is found
  19. I'm not too good in describing it with the techincal terms. But there is the cable with 3 ends that each have a set of pins. The one with a blue end goes to the motherboard, the black end goes to the master drive with windows. And I did have the grey ended one to the slave drive.
  20. In the BIOS it says unknown drive in the area where it should list my hard drives. But now it isnt recognizing EITHER
  21. Well I guess it doesn't have anything to do with finding the master drive. I unplugged the cords to the slave drive, and it still doesn't boot. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this? I have even replaced the OLD chord, and unplugged the new HD, so it is how it WAS(workin) but now it says no primary drive found! So frustrating.
  22. IDK what to do in the BIOS. It seems like the hard drive(s) aren't spinning or booting when I turn on the PC. Any Ideas why this is or how I can fix it IN the BIOS?
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