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  1. They're all .mp3, but not all ripped from his cd's.
  2. My brother has a Dell DJ, and whenever you put a group of songs on, part of them will not show up in the library. For example, there's a 100 songs copied into G:Dell DJ/Music/ , but when you undock it and go to the library, only 60 will show up. Any idea why it does this?
  3. What's the name of the pop-up blocker? Is it a whole toolbar? Because if so, it's most likely spyware. Try the free online scan @ ewido, it should get rid of it. http://www.ewido.net/en/onlinescan/
  4. I think that's the powerboost and that's great news its coming to chicago .
  5. For psp games, I use UMDGen. It works great.
  6. http://www.evanwashere.com/stolensidekick Wow.
  7. Go to database stats > member stats at the top of the site.
  8. Is there any way to know when they're going to introduce the speed boost to areas? BTW JKAT, where do you live?
  9. Mobile phone tools is the easiest. It also lets you transfer contacts and stuff. Check out www.themotoguide.com . Your razr can do SO much more than what comes stock.
  10. Yahoo.com had a "recent search:file sharing" with a picture of thepiratebay logo on their home page. This whole thing is spreading their site even more.
  11. Just use firefox + the adblock plugins. I don't see any of them.
  12. No, I'm waiting. Where do you live? http://www.dslreports.com/r0/download/1016854~7c9b01018a1b54038588b4005fa20ad6/23101.JPG ^ There's another who's been boosted. Too bad the upload is still horrible. ( How bout a site where someone gets about 2 million comcast subscribers to say they would transfer to fios as soon as they get in their area because of comcast's crappy upload speeds? Would eat a lot of bandwith though. haha)
  13. Stay around the forum and tell your friends.
  14. So the guy who bought the fake description made that website? And 2589060 hits is a TON. Funny stuff.
  15. www.torrent-finder.com is similar to dogpile, but with torrents instead.
  16. Oh my gosh. That's the fastest upload I've seen on here. That is about 5X my download speed. Very nice. How much does that service cost?
  17. Well you don't HAVE to go with the razr, if you want one of the other ones, you could pay like 20$ to have it unlocked. If you want to do that look into GSM Liberty.
  18. That's is awesome! I have the razr, and I like it... but it lacks itunes. The Rokr is nice, but it doesn't look half as good as the razr. So I'd definitely go with the slvr.
  19. Yo estoy en my tercer ano de espanol, y pienso que yo se la mejoria del lenguaje. -except for the tildas on my keyboard...
  20. I think that's about the max...And the Linksys wrt54g should be able to come close. I have the wrt54g and there is only a slight drop in speeds. But you don't want the latest v5 because it has crappier firmware.
  21. Is there a plug-in or something that lets firefox run .exe's instead of saving them to the disk first? (Like IE)
  22. I was just wondering, what can the speeds for download and upload reach without caps? (standard cable ie. comcast)
  23. I have it. First off it's not worth it unless you plan on modding it. Which was fun IMO. You can increase the loudness of the speakers, and most of the complaints can be managed. Overall, I like it. But if you're looking for a really impressive phone, spend the money on the v3i. It's the new razr with iTunes not advertised yet.
  24. Make sure you clear your cache before testing, because those 40,000 ones are cached. Also, turn off your fire walls and don't have other programs accessing the internet while you do the download test.
  25. That just reminded me of the Slowski's... Comcast has some dumb ads.
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