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  1. If you want to reformat just go to my computer, right click on C: or whatever drive it is you want to erase. It worked for my old HD to use as a slave drive.
  2. hmm, nvm I hit a start button in the program, and the screen I needed came up Thanks!
  3. Well ive already connected it and have been able to use all the other programs. The directions say to install the drivers, then after you do that it says connect your phone in flash mode and hit unlock, so I assume that there is a program or window that comes up with the unlock option. My computer already recognizes my phone from installing previous drivers, so how would I install these? Thanks
  4. I have a program to unlock my phone, and it told me that I need to install the USB drivers. They directed me to a location on my computer, and in that folder are 2 .inf files and one .sys file. I right clicked on the .inf and hit install, but nothing happened ( at least it seemed like nothing happened.) If you can direct me id appreciate it. Thanks
  5. Google's and yahoos cached results normally bypass them
  6. Diskeeper Pro, you can find it over @ www.9down.com
  7. So downloading a movie would be faster than me currently loading a website.... I can't even imagine what the point of that could be. But heck, I'd take it
  8. i cant figure this out, but i would add to it if i could
  9. With your phone, I'm pretty sure you can install opera mini. I think its free and its just the same as a regular browser.
  10. I got another idea... haha i cant stop thinking. How about a program that has different formats for the way your icons are arranged. For example, like a perfect square around the wallpaper, a diamond shape, a rectangle, star, and all of these would have shapes for the different sizes. (maybe a create your own shape and posted on a forum?) It would be a little time consuming, but it sure is a pain to try and line them up and then have em loook crappy. I wouldnt have an idea as to how to go about creating the add-on, but if created i think it would be a popular program. Just dont steal my idea haha
  11. I just wish they could be visible if you scrolled over them or something...
  12. http://blacklisted411.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=109&Itemid=66 Don't worry, I'm no hacker, just found that linked from another site, and knew that there was a big discussion earlier about this.
  13. Well as some of you already know, my computer craps out on me and goes to the blue screen because of some hardware issue, and that happened today. However, after I restarted my computer, when i went into firefox the reinstall window came up for the google toolbar, and i had to retype my zipcode for the weather plugin, my homepage was the standard FF one, and my bookmarks were all gone. It's not that big of a deal, but now the bookmarks tool bar comes back after everytime i disable it, and until i do the screen moves up and down kind of like this smiley haha, but anyways, how can I fix this? Did it start a new profile? Can I get it back to my old one? Thanks
  14. Run: cmd tracert www.testmy.net Then copy and paste the results.
  15. Yeah haha, I got my phone for free with rebates (razr) and was extremely disappointed with the stock version. So i googled and began changing my phone ( found that link along the way ), it kind of became a hobby... Then in the off topic section of their forum someone posted a link here....
  16. Thats a no no, look @ this guide and you should be able to boost your speed quite a bit. http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-2097 Other than that, you seem to be protected well. If you're concerned about internet security, try firefox.
  17. http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/Stu/cdigiamo/tutorial/v220/tut.html There's a full tutorial with pics. If you're interested in modding your phone, try www.themotoguide.com for the best guide. And www.motomodders.net for support.
  18. i wouldn't reccomend using ports 6881-6889 because those are default p2p ports and providers tend to limit the activity on those. Try using ports higher, i think i use around 45000 +. And no, once you correctly forward a good port, and when there's plenty of seeds you shouldn't be stuck around 30 kbps.
  19. Have you tried another bittorrent client? If not, I reccomend www.utorrent.com . Also, are you sure you forwarded the ports right? You can go to www.portforward.com and they have detailed guides with pictures for many routers. Try that. Come back if you have troubles.
  20. Try power cycling your modem, clearing cookies and history, and a restart never hurt.
  21. limewire pro doesnt need a key, and i think someone mentioned it before that you could ironically DL limewire pro from limewire basic version
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