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  1. Those are cached, sorry. Delete your cache, and clear cookies. If you don't know how to download it just run ccleaner www.ccleaner.com . Then post back
  2. Wow. That should be PLENTY. Have you tried disk defragmenter and disk cleanup? Also cleaning your cache and registry. Cleanup and defrag are in start>programs>Accessories>system tools, and then download and run ccleaner. www.ccleaner.com
  3. I'd go with Itunes. It has everything, plus if you have an iPod then you don't have to convert them from WMV to Mp3.
  4. To change that: Right click anywhere on the desktop, properties, go to the screen saver tab and click Power... Then turn off standby or whatever you need from there.
  5. I guess it did... BUT I'M CONNECTED! I just went to IPConfig/all and typed in both the physical addresses to my filtering list and then it allowed it to connect. Thanks everyone for their help. One last quick question: is there a way I can change the name of the connection from wireless connection 6 to something like Home?
  6. Ok, that helps. And thanks PHP for the ssid broadcasting tip. Now, however after the card finds my network, when i hit connect it says: "Windows is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longer be in range. Please refresh the lists of available networks and try again." However, I know for sure I have at least 80% signal strength. Would mac address filtering have something to do with this? Or any other security setting? Thanks
  7. I've been looking for something like this for a really long time. Thanks a lot!
  8. Ok, well I can't seem to get past that error. So does anyone know the name of the program that runs in the taskbar for a linksys wireless g network adapter with srx?? If i remember right it has a gray background and lime green bars showing the strength of the signal. Thanks
  9. The last thing it says before that window comes up is rolling back drivers...
  10. I think I found out why it doesn't install the program. IT says: " The wizard was interrupted before Wireless-G Notebook Adapter with SRX utility could b completely installed. Your system has not been modified. To complete isntallation at another time, please run setup again." So how do I avoid that??? Thanks guys.
  11. Yeah, sorry for not specifying but it is a wifi card. I deleted the installed software after the 1st time.. Now, whenever I click begin on the CD, it won't reinstall the software that finds the wireless networks and let you choose it. I'm looking for it on the linksys site now. It's the one with the square taskbar icon with green signals (like 4 of them). Also, the windows stuff only picks up my neigbors unsecure connection, when mine with WEP should have at least 80% as it did when the linksys program detects it.
  12. I kind of messed up and forgot I didn't install the linksys cd before inserting it, and let microsoft recognize it and stuff. Now, I can't get it to recognize it/ install it regularly. I tried system restore, but it kept the settings and still isn't working. So I guess I want to know how to uninstall the drivers/settings that it got from the first time inserting it. Thanks Like it says; error connection 4 cannot connect to the internet How can I get that to one?
  13. Haha, I know... I was regarding psp But no big deal....
  14. I'll take it out... Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. Ouch, looks like I'm just gonna leave the firmware
  16. Well them signing up doesn't make money, it's when they complete surveys... so????
  17. A little question with the guide. http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=9209&start=0 There they say I can run 3rd party firmware, but the guide says any v5. So I don't know which is right. Can you specify?
  18. http://www.7-zip.org/ It makes files SO much smaller. I really was impressed and thought I'd show you guys.
  19. I purposely bought the older version so it didn't have the new, crappy firmware, but from what I hear the 3rd party is much better. I was wondering what fimrware You guys are using/where to get it, and also if I'd just install it normally thruough the linksys firmware update deal. Thanks a lot
  20. Is it considered spam if i put my referral link + a little explanation in my sig? I'll remove it if it is
  21. There are a lot of registry cleaners out there, but I reccomend ccleaner (crap cleaner) www.ccleaner.com . Along with cleaning the registry, it also has a tool that deletes unnecessary files and it seems like you can use it. As for defragmenting, it basically puts your hard drive in order. It should make it run a lot faster. After that, you can try optimizing your connection, but start with cleaning up your system. ( you might want to upgrade your RAM if you want everything to be faster )
  22. Along with good programs, I found Tune Up Utilities 2006 and it came with a lot of stuff including alternative program remover, reg defrag and cleaner, memory optimizer, theme adjustments and some more stuff. I reccomend it!
  23. Well I'm up to 15$... I've made 3$ from 2 surveys, but 6 of my friends completed surveys and made me 12$. So for 10 minutes I made 15.. I think that's easy money, and worth the 10-15 minutes. As for instantprofitz... how do you make the money? I was confused because the site was so cluttered. And I'd also like the 30$ in 15 or whatever explanation (brock).
  24. Well after one survey and having it in my referral link in my profile, I've made 9$ by doing a 2 minute bubbalicious survey... Edit: With Survey Savvy
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