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  1. k thanks, just wanted to make sure it wouldn't mess somethin up.
  2. The windows update thing came on, so I hit ok and it installed all of the updates. However, today when I got home the screen was on saying updating, do not turn off your computer it will shut off automatically etc. But, its been stuck on update 4 of 6 for a long time. Probably around 2 hours. Should I turn it off and then try reinstalling the updates? Thanks
  3. Agreed. The other fad taht is stupid is girl pants and emo. That is kind of odd IMO. I mean make-up, earrings, eye shadow, those crazy contacts (cat eyes seem to be popular at my school) doesn't seem like fashion to me. I guess to each his own.
  4. Razr v3 silver... I have no problems with its durability. Without modding it, id give it about a 6.5... But after Ive completely customized it, id give it a 9.5. FYI, motomodders.net for all motorola phone modding ( if you're on this site you'll probably like momo as well ) and for a complete noob guide for the razr at least (It should work for others too ) www.themotoguide.com
  5. I checked on ebay and they have 2gb for around 80 shipped. Maybe ill look into that.
  6. No off-brand ones? That kind of sucks...
  7. will this work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820211309 If not, is there a gb stick cheaper than the 100$ one? Thanks
  8. I installed ad hack and i really like it! thanks for the link
  9. http://www.openoffice.org/ Thats a free windows alternative. I haven't tried it, but hell, why not. And for anti-virus zonealarm and avg are both free. Tell me if you like open office
  10. Well i used the regular IP ( not router ) and tested it using utorrent and it said its open now. And i tried it at 60% and was gettin round 40kbps but when i went down to 20kbps upload my dl is going at over 200kbps. Thanks so much!
  11. Just stay away from .exe files and if its music, make sure its .wma or .mp3... And just to be cautious always scan what you downloaded wtih anti-virus software.
  12. I guess i read my IP wrong from the ipconfig earlier... Or maybe that stupid IP Hide platinum did something... Btw, is there a way i can return it back to normal? ( As in before hide ip ) Well thanks for all the responses
  13. Well on portforward it says to disable block WAN request, is that safe? And also, it says you have to set a static IP.. Is that necessary?
  14. How would I go about deleting the recent hardware, this is annoying... P.S. I have done this : http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=11562.msg114234#msg114234 but was curious if you could safely delete all the items in grey or know what they are and go from there... Thanks for any help.
  15. Breakfast Kickoff Session: Your choice: A hard boiled egg, or two slices of white bread and a cricket. Hmm...
  16. This is the third time it happens today, I guess I'm running too many programs (Aim, iTunes, firefox, and maybe one other?) and the screen just goes blue and says DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and then it says to check hardware I might have recently installed ( all i can think of is that i put some stuff on a friends iPod ) and that I may need to uninstall it. It goes on and has some 0X_ _ _ _ _ _ _ things under technical information, but I dont think thats important. If you know whats up with this and how I can fix it I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  17. It's funny how he thinks the government isn't gonna be watching him like a hawk when he gets out... he thinks he'll then install spyware and hack into bank accounts... pretty stubborn I guess.
  18. Just was curious, and gettin tired of the same sites i go to...
  19. One program some people reccomended on this site was diskeeper... I tried it and it helped my computer a lot. It defragments the drive magnificently.
  20. It seems obvious, but did you try unplugging it?? maybe a system restart? Or maybe you somehow hid something?
  21. Yeah, right now theres 26 seeds connected and 30 peers.(There's more in the swarm) It seems like all my problems cant be resolved....
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