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  1. Ok, Can you give me a hand with that. What happens is the Dell screen comes up, and then the bar loads. However, after that it waits about 10 seconds then makes that beep beep sound. Thank You
  2. So I installed a new HD, but in order to make it to the spare dock, I had to switch out the cables with the ones that came in the box. So it wasn't a big deal, but now after I tried to boot I got the "primary drive not found. Secondary Drive not found" Is there a way that I can make it boot up the other drive that has windows on it first? Thanks with any help.
  3. Well I guess I'm just gonna clear up space on my master, and then move more from old slave, and then ckeep doing that until everything is done.
  4. Can you maybe link to the .exe, I didnt find it on that site with the language it was in. Thanks a lot
  5. I just purchased a 200gb HD I plan as setting up as a slave drive. Right now I just have the stock dell fan running the hd that come with the computer and a horribly slow 40gb as a slave drive in. Will I need more cooling/ what kind/ where should I purchase it?
  6. Linksys wrt54g with firmware version below 5. (Check a wal-mart or sam's club. Not a tech store that would have the updated models.
  7. Well, another good time to switch to firefox. Install ad-block + ad-block filter set G updater. It works flawlessly IMO
  8. Well IDK what the hell you are talking about
  9. Are they both connected by cables? Or is your laptop wireless?
  10. "i am aol platinum" That seems to be the problem
  11. Can't move it to the recycle bin and it only makes a shortcut in the folder i try to move it to.
  12. You answered the second question! Thanks, that's been bugging me for a while. As for the no option to delete it, normally when I right click on an icon there are about 17 options including:browse, explore, copy, delete, scan with..., open with. However when i click on this icon for the phone, Only open with, browse, explore, rename and create shortcut are available. I just want to know how to be able to delete the icon. Thanks for the help
  13. First, there is a program that came with my brother's phone software, and there is no option to delete the 2 icons. Also, is there a way that you can hide certain icons and not others? (IE: all music is stored in a folder on the desktop, and itunes would lose the location of it if I moved it, but do not want it on the desktop). Thanks:)
  14. What's a good program to take pics off the memory stick, and maybe do some photo editing? Thanks
  15. Does anyone know how far west the powerboost has reached?
  16. YES! (Ironic?) I think they will. DJ is having an MVP type season, A-Rod will heat up, Rivera is the best, and once the injured players are back, they will be VERY tough to stop. Plus they're only 1.5 out in the wildcard, and 2.5 in the division. Go Yanks!
  17. IDK, I have the adblock FF extension. I don't see anything lagging.
  18. My mom wants to learn how to use a computer, and I was wondering if anyone knows what would be the best bet. I'd prefer a program that walks through it, but if there is a great book or something I'll look into that too. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  19. Where do you get different ones? Either that or is there a program that converts a file to a .ico?
  20. asubaseball727

    pop up

    www.utorrent.com no pop-ups
  21. Sorry about the double post, I meant to modify instead of quote. Also, would it be difficult to do, because all I've done is set up a slave drive and installed more RAM. So I'm not too experienced working within the computer.
  22. I need a better graphics card, and my other dell has one, but I don't want the games on that computer, so would the cards be compatible if they're both dells?
  23. I have a friend who is looking to spend under $1500 on a laptop. A large hard drive would be good, and enough RAM to run smoothly. Also, DVD-compatible and a large screen would be nice. Thanks a lot for any suggestions.
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