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  1. Whenever I click Start>Help and Support, I get this message "Windows cannot open Help and Support because a system service is not running To Fix this Problem, Start a service called Help and Support" I guess I disabled this some time ago, not quite sure how to fix it though Any ideas on to make it work?
  2. Hahaha, "Best satellite to be on with DWAY" -----------nice--------- (slap yourself) P.S. Im on IA8 1150 and my evening speeds are right above dial up
  3. Even if you uninstalled it, that doesnt change the settings it made...right?
  4. ok thanks for the help...ill try it
  5. It just gives information like it sends the error to microsoft and that about all. I went in through control panel and disabled that Data Prevention Execution and now it like sill does it but no messages. It like reloads windows like the taskbar and desktop icons disappear and then have to reload and the programs in the tray. I clicked on that link and it just said error. Edit: Ok the thing did not go away because it just popped up when I was typing this.
  6. I have run Ad-aware and Spybot (I constantly run them and have been for ever) and it always finds nothing...I dont think it is spyware
  7. Everytime I open windows explorer and start going through things I keep getting these error messages... Im running XP Sp2
  8. No, dont come to IA-8....it sucks lol
  9. I hate taxes...and I feel sorry for my older brother. They take out tax money that could be someones salary (like 35k+). He barely gets anything back either.
  10. why dont more people like Opera browser? Isnt it good?
  11. I just have plain Opera, no add ons or anything. Is there a way to sort of disable the mail client or anything like that to conserve memory usage?
  12. Is Opera browser a memory hog or is this like normal? I opened cnn.com on IE, Mozilla, and Opera. Memory Usage firefox.exe 14,380 K IEXPLORE.exe 13,704 K Opera.exe 25,928 K
  13. IA8 isnt all that great, its what Im using and the evening speeds suck so bad. Late night speeds rock, but its just the horrible evening speeds.
  14. The element is Manganese. I had Francium but there isnt that much information on it like uses, and effects, etc...(since its so radioactive and has such a short halflife).
  15. Im doing this powerpoint over an element for a science class, and I need some suggests for background music. Any good tunes, or songs or anything like that, that you guys might know of?
  16. wow 97%, i only get like 70%
  17. I had (i returned it) a new HP Desktop (Dual Core 3800+). Anyways I burned a dvd using it on a dvd-r and it worked in my ps2...
  18. Any programs similar to Webroot's Spy Sweeper? Ive been using that on my old desktop but yeah it makes it veryyyyy slow, alot faster with it closed.
  19. Im using Norton on my new laptop and I like it alot...but I need a good little, non resource hog, antivirus for my older desktop. Im not sure what to put on there becauses its really slow...any suggestions?
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