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  1. You don't have digital cable? You don't WANT digital cable? Well, I'm sure the 80's is happy you are still holding on to it. lol Come on man, get with it, you can't get hardly anything on plain old cable anymore.
  2. You guys do realize that Boomerang, the cartoon channel showing nothing but classic off air cartoons, is owned by Cartoon Network. They show the classics there. Just FYI....
  3. Hey, one other thing I just thought of. Wireless router? Make sure it's KEY is set or you disable it all together if you're not using it. You problem may be people around you using up your bandwidth through that.
  4. Nevermind, I ran the site test myself and got the same results. I've never done a test from the site, just from my side. Those results look perfect on the network side then, so the issues would seem to be on the computer side. I'd look for spyware and viruses. If you are infected, the scanners you have installed already may no longer find anything as a good virus would hide from it. Also look into the tcpip sys patch I mentioned above. You may just be overusing the connections. Could be as simple as tweaking the connection settings on the computer with all the tools on the site here. It would seem it's in your hands at this point.
  5. I don't see anything wrong with those results, unless the ***'s at the end are indicating You didn't get all the way to the FIOS servers. Looks like it may have stalled on the FIOS side of things. You guys agree?
  6. Do you run any bittorrent software and if so, did you stop it before testing. If you find that stopping the BT fixes it, the I suspect you haven't patched your tcp/ip sys file. OR you did patch and a recent update unpatched it for you. I had that happen and had to repatch it the other day. Very annoying.
  7. Well first, do you have your internet back yet? You have to get that going first. If you don't know how, you need to post the specifics on your connection so someone that knows that system can tell you what to do with it, or, call your tech support for the internet connection to get that part going. Once that works, you just need to forward the port needed for PS to work with the router. I don't have one, so I don't know what it is but I'm sure anyone in the forum can do that. But you have to tell us what you're working with first and you have to have a working internet second, then worry about the PS2.
  8. Damn well better not, I get my FIOS TV tmrw. Would figure after months of waiting on Verizon to fix the database so I could just place my TV order, world ends the day before. lol
  9. Despites what Linux users may say, there is not a good alternative to windows. We have no choice but to buy, or we get left behind. And in case you hadn't noticed, when MS sees no one buying anymore, they just cut off support and rush out the next version. MS knows what they are doing, that's why he's the richest man on the planet. But it doesn't make it ok, just good business. Good business doesn't mean good company or person. And I'm not the reason you pay more. You are. Bill knows you will buy it despite what I do, so he doesn't care. Do you really think the price of software would go down if piracy didn't exist? No, it would go up, because then you REALLY have no choice. We live in an MS world and you're an MS girl. Bill would be the MS pimp that slaps you crosseyed and says "Where's my money?!" I'm the guy that stays out of the alley and downloads free porn at home. lol
  10. I didn't say 50 bucks, I said 20 or 30. I would buy windows if it wasn't so high. There's no reason ms has to do that. 150 for student office is also to much. Unless mommy and daddy are paying your way, what student has 150 bucks to spend on office, what student mommy and daddy have that most of the time even? And I don't "buy" my boxes, I build my own. I don't get a free copy buying pieces. I can get the "discounted" 145 version, but not a free one.
  11. I have gotten FIOS in my apt. Works great, just can't get TV. Still trying to find out why that is. You don't do anything to get FIOS in an apt, verizon and the apt do all the work, you just have to wait. Verizon seems to be getting all apts to approve them for whatever verizon want to do before they do anything, so the legalities are lifted at that point because the landlords sign over to verizon the rights. You could call your landlord I guess and ask them about it, but I know my on property mgnt knows nothing about any of it.
  12. The point is, MS does not HAVE to charge 145 for an OEM copy of XP Pro. They WANT to charge 145. I like MS software, I use most of it in my home. But I don't buy any of it. It has no more issues than any other software on the market does. They are attacked more, yes, but that because writing a Linux virus has no purpose. You'd infect what, 10000? people at most? If you want to get your name out there, you do after the software most people use, which is MS. It's only natural. But why charge 145 per copy when you could charge 50, or even 20 and still make money? How many more copies would be sold rather than pirated if the price came down? At some point, the price would make it stupid to pirate, because it's more trouble to pirate than buy for 30 bucks. MS has a bad business model, not software. They think higher price means more profits, when it's actually the other way around. Lower the price, more people buy it, you still make the same money and you don't have to spend fighting pirates.
  13. Actually, if you read the terms of service for any internet service you will find that you signed away your rights. By installing the DSL you agreed to have no given speed basically. Yes, you are paying for the higher speed, but in your TOS, you will see that you have been notified that there is no speed guarantee and you can't do anything to make them get you that speed. However, yes, you should be able to downgrade your price, but you will find that means a new 2 year or 1 year, or whatever year agreement they are offering there. Only way around such things is to not use home internet at all. Ever Dial up has no real guaranteed speed over 2400 baud in most places. It's very sad indeed, but every company does it. On the plus side, despite what you may have been told, it will be fixed at some point. As to when they will upgrade equipment in the CO, no way to know. The CO wont even know till they get the order to do it from someone somewhere. It does suck greatly.
  14. In order for one company to do that, all companies would have to do so. Therefore, someone has to be the first to make the claims they can always support certain things on a network. Since nothing involving a computer can be 100% guaranteed, there is no way any company is going to do so. You cannot fault just Verizon for what no one does. Networks are never 100% perfect, and probably never will be. There's just to many variables to maintain at all times for it to be so. If you want a 100% guarantee, you would have to build and maintain you own internal home network, optic line to the CO, your own CO, your own back bone, and so on and so forth. Even then you know you would have no grantees unless you built your own unbreakable, infallible networking devices to regulate said perfect network. In this day and age, it cannot be done. I suggest you think about all that's involved in your wanted guarantee before placing blames on one Company for something no company does. Your logic is flawed and useless in this matter as it means nothing in the real world of the internet. Things happen, people fix them as fast as possible. Sometimes the fix is not straight forward and takes more time. To much time in some cases, but is can't be helped. Yelling at someone over the phone will do nothing but slow the process. It's as simple as that. If you don't want to deal with such things, you shouldn't be buying any internet service and you shouldn't be online at all.
  15. You DO have a written contract. It's called the TOS, Terms of Service. Available on-line all the time and comes written in the install kit. If you read it, which no one ever does, you will find, as with all internet providers, nothing is guaranteed. It's not just a RR thing, or a Verizon thing, or a Comcast thing. No Company guarantees speed. Hell, the phone company still only says 2400 on dial-up in 99% of areas around the country. Life is no guarantee. Just go with the flow. If slow internet is on the top of your list to be fixed, consider yourself lucky. You could be loosing your home, or job, or wreck your car. You just have slow internet issues.
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