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  1. That was great find. Million thanks. Just what the doctor ordered
  2. ROM-DOS : That was nice. Informative. Its been about 55 years since I tried mixing chemicals in a heated pot to make propellant. One spontaneous ignition in the pot sort of cured my curiosity. Brought back many memories
  3. All I get with your "download link" is " This Page Cannot Be Found " I will keep trying tho. Thanks Jim
  4. Nope. Didn't think I would. But if you don't try you don't get.
  5. If you have any download speed left over please, please send it to me. You have gobs and gobs - you can spare some. Can wire go that fast ?? Or do you need fiber ??? WOW
  6. I've been using it about two years and my only problem has been getting all my email accounts up and running on Incredimail. It's a habit now. After my next restart I let you know if disable Norton works.
  7. Well, I'm getting prepared. I can't kiss my own butt goodbye ( old arthur ritis ) so I had to find someone to do it for me. But I lucked out - found someone someone - NO ! it wasn't a long kiss. Ya'll better think about it. Don't want to go unprepared !!!!!!!! Asster -roids RULE !!!!!! Might have to roll some smoke when the time comes.
  8. I can do that. I use Incredimail which will let me look at server to see the header of any email there without downloading it. Plus I can delete it without download at the server. Will see what happens. Thanks tommie
  9. You bet. I may get you to do something with the BUFF ( B52 ). I'll think about it.
  10. Once it gets them scanned no more hold-ups. When I check email all 4 accounts go thru with no problem. Don't have any problems with email only this delay with AVG on start-up or restart. It's just a waiting thing - thats all !!! Thanks tommie
  11. Let me do a restart. When AVG is working on Hughes the is a small window in lower right corner. saying "Email Scanner, Autopop3 connecting to a numerical IP address. I'll get the address when I come back up. AVG Email Scanner AutoPoP3 : Connecting to edited out IP address The other AVG logo just spinning in bar. Could something be conflicting with it - like Norton Security Suite 2005 or others??
  12. Sometime it might take 5 -6 minutes just for Hughes. Then when it clears each of my accounts I might not have any email at all. Checked updates a few days ago - will check again. Don't see AVG logo in toolbar Got AVG Logo in lower bar - right Checked AVG: Version 7.1.392 Virus Base 268.5.6/338 Release Date 5/12/2006 2:50:00 PM Nothing in red.
  13. On fresh start or restart, then check email, AVG Free seems to take forever to accept/check Hughes.net and Gmail.com - seems to fly thru Bellsouth.net. Have I miss a setting or something? Aggravating for it to sit there chomping on Hughes.net or Gmail.com and not checking my email. Is this normal? Perplexed!!!!!! Jim
  14. cholla : Great article A terrible injustice has and in some ways is still being done to the Native Americans. Few people even care. I have just a tad of Native blood in me from the upper parts of Mississippi. I'm proud of the fact.
  15. Congrats - Good work -Have enjoyed them
  16. Ran across this and thought it would be a good addition NEVER FORGET
  17. There are various software programs to print on sheets of CD / DVD labels. Labels from Fellows, Neato, Burlington. Plenty, plenty stuff out there. Can be very creative with lables. Right now I'm looking at some Burlington labels called "Silver Spectrum CD Labels - have holographic patterns. Avery labels are nice also. Hope this info helps. Good luck with your project.
  18. Very impressive. Altho I don't care for comparison testing using a rolling start. Generally favors one more than the other. Batteries need some hard research.
  19. The best anti-smoking device there ever has been is right between your ears - Your Brain. If you want to, really want to - You can quit. I'm living proof. All it took was for a Neurosurgeon to tell me I was going to die very, very soon or turn into a drooling, sleeping veggie if I didn't quit smoking immediately if not sooner. That was in 1982 and still smoke free in 2006. It wasn't easy but I was determined. Is that FUKITOL pill for swallowing or inserting ???? It looks sizeable.
  20. Sounds like they are planning to use that cold water as the liquid in a chilled water system. BTW - Old Salt mines are being used for storage / office space My Central Air / Heat is a water source system. Am using 70 degree water from a flow well instead of using air to air. to extract heat from condenser in A /C mode and to provide heat to condenser when in heating mode. Rock City at Chattanooga, TN. Ruby Falls ( I think ) is a good example of lowered temps. underground. Luray (sp?) Caverns in Virginia is another example.
  21. This is what a computer should do first thing in the morning! Click on the weird link below and then type in your first name . . . click here :D :D
  22. Just a thought. Maybe they are trying to go back to full height drives for more capacity !!!
  23. Did you use de-ionized water or just plain tap water? I don't believe the flavored waters will work either. Last option : use heavy water.
  24. I'm not 100% sure I quite believe this !!!!! This was on Fox News. It is a method using electrolysis to convert water (H20) to Hyrdogen (HHO) then running a car with it. 3 ozs of water in a Ford Escort for 100 miles! Watch the video! I bet the oil companies whack this guy before it ever gets out of the lab. http://s70.photobucket.com/albums/i105/jamekwilson/VIDEO/?action=view&current=WaterFuel1.flv : :
  25. tstillery : From what I've read it should be real but you know how car manufacturers are. Anything to make a buck even not tell the truth.
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