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  1. It started out Rustycrew . At Pocono race rusty wallace signed my shirt . To my honorary crew member Rusty Wallace. Then later I shortened it to Rustcrew. My weimeraner tore the shirt up when she was a puppy.
  2. Don't forget left click on the folder and choose in the drop down run as administrator. It will read your settings for a little while. down at the bottom of the screen it will say optimal click on that circle then hit apply . In a minute it will ask you to reboot. go ahead and do that It will change your rwin values and maximum connections for you. If you are not using windows 10 or 8.1 you are using something older Go to www.speedguide.net and download your version. If you want to learn how windows and the internet companies work together to keep everyone @ one speed to control flow and congestion so that they can charge me and you $$$ for faster speed also go there and read some articles . I have learned a lot from them .Yeah Comcast boosted your speeds again from 100mbs to 150 mbs.
  3. I'm from the usa Dallas Pa. I would have to give a class on everything I have learned about it. But download the file I have attached. run program as admin. choose optimal on bottom where it says settings click apply and reboot you will be networking much faster now. TCPOptimizer.exe
  4. Still banging high speeds with Comcast in Dallas Pa. $49.95 a month . I boosted my network with computer hacks.
  5. Need a chat room.https://testmy.net/db/XYnNZ5dsq&f=1
  6. 120 fps for "world of tanks" game. fairly good average.
  7. Got my new modem from xfinity today. Fixed my speed problems.$49.95 for blast plus.I was grandfathered from 2014
  8. That's like the perfect speed Zipferm. Good price Too.
  9. $160.00 a month . That's a car payment ?? You must be Rich. I cry that I have to pay $45 My average For $90 a month I can get over a gig.
  10. put the app on your desktop and adjust your connection speeds. You are all welcome. you will see a significant increase in you download speeds. Again the app is @ https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php This is my secret weapon for higher bandwidth. Till you know what you are doing with the app use the presets @ the bottom.
  11. Make sure you have this little app to balance and enhance your speed. https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php use as administrator. It's what I use.
  12. I have to be downloading large files to get the powerblast.
  13. You don't get the powerblast every time though . It's provider supplied. But you get it a lot for games. Upload is 20 mb
  14. I have seen business bandwidth @ 2000.0 MPS . But it runs you about $250.00 a month. You got the money you can buy the speed.
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