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  1. If they gave out medals for best speed test site you would get the gold medal . My favorite place too find out my real speed . Don't forget the biggest thing that may run one or 2 tests is Internet congestion . Take at lest 10 tests throw out 1 or 2 low ones and there is your average . Internet congestion will always be there to ruin your test, no matter where you go on the net . Especially when a site is having a sale . https://testmy.net/HZcrp3HH9.png
  2. I think your speed test is more accurate . But everyone should do at least 10 speed tests . to get an accurate reading I throw out the real low ones or high ones. You will get a flyer 1 or 2 in ten tests . I blame that on web congestion. That's why I give you a donation . Don't say thanks for the donation you earned it . https://testmy.net/WILUHR-Mh.png
  3. Speed Test Plus Internet Speed & Quality Test DOWNLOAD 953.27 Mbps UPLOAD 17.91 Mbps LATENCY 30 ms JITTER 1 ms Your connection and line quality is Excellent Test Again
  4. Speakeasy.net gives me the same reading every time within 1 or 2 mb's. Only here do they change drastically About every 5 reading 100 Mb's . Speed Test Plus_ Internet Speed & Quality.html
  5. I'm using TCP Optimizer on windows 10 . Some of the settings on 10 have to be put in custom according to your ISP settings . Good luck figuring that out . I know one of them is take your amount of receiving ports up to 20 . Speed Test Plus_ Internet Speed & Quality.html
  6. Is anyone gonna update The fastest members board.
  7. https://testmy.net/db/LtEijGK3O I don't see the difference In the new modem and the old modem . Except the new modem costs more money to rent .
  8. Only bad thing is they sent white . I hide it under my desk .
  9. Just put in my new modem comcast sent me they just sent it . said I need it to get my full speeds Just put in my new modem comcast sent me they just sent it . said I need it to get my full speeds
  10. Nice speed👌😁
  11. Come on somebody knock me off the top with a faster speed. 😜😁
  12. 707.27 Mbps : 17.31 Mbps >>>>> download and upload . Let's get that member board speed updated ?
  13. Download version 4 for win 10
  14. SpeedGuide.net :: TCP Optimizer / Downloads >>>>>>>To increase speeds copy and paste in your browser >😁✌👀
  15. Gotta level this out. Not too bad though!
  16. It started out Rustycrew . At Pocono race rusty wallace signed my shirt . To my honorary crew member Rusty Wallace. Then later I shortened it to Rustcrew. My weimeraner tore the shirt up when she was a puppy.
  17. Don't forget left click on the folder and choose in the drop down run as administrator. It will read your settings for a little while. down at the bottom of the screen it will say optimal click on that circle then hit apply . In a minute it will ask you to reboot. go ahead and do that It will change your rwin values and maximum connections for you. If you are not using windows 10 or 8.1 you are using something older Go to www.speedguide.net and download your version. If you want to learn how windows and the internet companies work together to keep everyone @ one speed to control flow and congestion so that they can charge me and you $$$ for faster speed also go there and read some articles . I have learned a lot from them .Yeah Comcast boosted your speeds again from 100mbs to 150 mbs.
  18. I'm from the usa Dallas Pa. I would have to give a class on everything I have learned about it. But download the file I have attached. run program as admin. choose optimal on bottom where it says settings click apply and reboot you will be networking much faster now. TCPOptimizer.exe
  19. Still banging high speeds with Comcast in Dallas Pa. $49.95 a month . I boosted my network with computer hacks.
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