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  1. drebel, because Onelinkpr has a serious problem with speed, ppl is changing to dmaxpr, and they cant keep up with the demand. Here in the metropolitan area the usage is mega heavy. Ive noticed the latency problem, but only on the morning and this does not effect torrents or any other p2p programs. resopalrabotnick, since prtc dsl change to dmax, everything has changed, to my knowledge no port is blocked. Im not trying to convince you to change back, just to let ya know.
  2. dark06, I do alot of downloading via torrents and dd. im gonna need a decent upload to cause Im planing on hosting a small ftp site. I live in Puerto Rico and I have an ADSL 512K/256K conection. dlewis23, those plans look interesting, now is the service good? latency and stuff like that.
  3. You should change to Dmaxpr. The service is unbelivably good. Its a bit more expensive but there are more packages. No blocking whatsoever. Im allways running at fullspeed. Only once there was a slow down, and the next day it was resolved. The 2MB deals is expensive (89$) but I rather have 2MB full time than to pay $75 for 3MB that only works at morning X_X. My friend has onelink, he hates it. Change, there are a some options dude. Sorry for typos
  4. Hi guys. Im moving to Lawrenceville, GA and I was just thinking, what ISP i should use when I move there. I'm not sure what services is available there, but I was thinking a fiberish conection XD. Or atleast something very fast, as long as its not $100 month (can be up to $90 XD). This is my first time living in the US, so give me your best whishes I didnt know where to post this (here or on the help forum) so I just posted it here. Thanks!
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