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  1. DDR, one stick 256MB the other 512MB Well, either way, im waiting for a shipment of new hardware. Should get here between monday and tuesday.
  2. Well, Vista is cool, however, you do need a sorta good PC to run it. I have an oooold box amd @ 1.20ghz, 768mb ram and ati 9600. I maneged to install it, and the setup was really fast considering my specs. However, once I got a few apps installed, it just turned to crap. So you need quite a bit of ram to run this OS.
  3. eh, bored, but, as we all know google is the major pr0n provider....
  4. I too have that problem, a Netgear RP614 (kinda old) and for some reason it locks up too, but insted of being after 24h, its after a certian dl limit (I think its like 506MB) and then it just locks up. I dont really care anymore since I just have one PC and its conected directly to the internet... although on some ocations I migth just pick up the xbox and play a lil bit online (just to get my butt whoped XD). If someone can answer this, however, Im interested too.
  5. This is most probably because although he was gettin better signal, his tcp/ip wasnt as tweaked as yours.
  6. Im gonna go with tommie, why? I dunno, maybe its because each time I see a post of his, It allways makes me laugh.
  7. Cox.net 7/512k - $45 h2haxor, where do you live that you pay $35 month O.o?
  8. what you ask is pretty common. 1Mb = 1 MegaBIT 1MB = 1 MegaByte these are NOT the same, so if the service says 3Mb/768Kb you are supose to have that speed in the download (arround 300KB/s dl and 85KB/s upload). I have to go now, so I cant explain in dept, but you are getting what you are paying for.
  9. -____________- I tried merk server, it looked most promising... but.. my budget is Zero $, so, once the 30 days end, there it goes..
  10. Yeah, Ive seen this before somewhere. Its kinda funny, but do a search for pokemon and I gurantee you will laugh your butt off XDDDDD
  11. Hi guys, me again. The past few days Ive been resarching on how to set up a mail server here on my PC, just for fun and experience new things, althouth Ive been able to set up ftps, web servers and other stuff, I just dont get mail servers. Any help is welcomed. btw, I tried using windows mail server thingi (in IIS) but no luck. thanks in advance.
  12. It looks so fluffy and touchable, I want one!!! Looks like a lot of fun too!
  13. well, if it doesnt freeze anymore, then that would have been the problem, although it would be a mystery why it did that just because of dirt... unless it was touchin the cpu pins....
  14. It makes me feel colder than im allready am... looks cool!
  15. how would you know >_<, but yea, between hashing, encoding, storage, dling etc etc, not even a zero fill format was able to recover it. >_< darn.
  16. well, doesnt really mater where he bought it, hell he couldve had bought if from a hobo, its the strain the hdd has to go trough, for example, mass dling would make the hard drive go crazy, I know, thats what happend to me >_<
  17. Depends on what you have rigth now, post what your box has, and I guess we'll see if its good or not. edit: oops, didnt see the pics, will say in a min --- If you are planning on doing some serious gaming, go for that grfx card!, I would then upgrade the ram a bit.
  18. w00t, most comments says RR sucks, I dont think the up is gonna make a diference. yay for cox XD
  19. I had this problem before, it was the hdd going bad, listen carefully next time it freezes for a "clak" sort of sound. if you hear that each time the PC freezes, its probably the hdd... sigh, all the data I lost on my old hdd -__- good luck!
  20. thats no mess!!! Its an italian server!
  22. "Why F#@& around use 220v. That should make her nipples hard." You mistake the power of the 220, they wont be hard, they are gonna be pizza crispy!!!
  23. O.o I second the booby trap!! Plus, if you smell burnt meat, you know she was messing arround the router...
  24. Sweet, many thanks, really!!! One thing about dependencies... sometimes when im gonna install an rpm, when it says "resolving dependencies..." an error pops up saying that the dependencies couldn't be resolved, how would I go about installing the apps then?
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