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  1. being "Cut and Dry" in a pissing contest like this is the only way to go! Although i do enjoy reading pissing contest threads like this, it gets old after you see repetitive post over and over a few times. Enjoy your pissing contest !
  2. FFS this is still going on? Get what you can afford and move on !
  3. this is the case i just bought for my current PC build got it on sale for 99.99 with free shipping no joke this case is very big when you get it i have the white one
  4. Lucky for you my fav sight is also Canadian ! http://www.newegg.ca/ as for motherboards it would be good to find one that will support newer processors coming out. The one i have just got now supports Intel new 22nm Ivy Bridge CPU. Those wont be out till next year but i can use Sandy Bridge till then or hold off. It also support the new PCIx3.0 so i can upgrade my video card down the line but don't expect PCIe3.0 video cards just yet. Ram is getting cheap even for DDR3 depending on size and speed. Hard drive are still cheap but if you want your system to scream grab a SSD.
  5. Ok so I just did another speed test and I'm close to 10mbps. I wonder if my I could only get my full nets if I really need it with a high demand on my end? Or is that crazy talk? Here is why I ask! I just got me an Roku box for my tv for Netflix. And I just watch a HD movie with mo problem. The box connects using the WiFi from the gateway modem. Now the way I have my network setup is I only use the gateway WiFi for small electronic devices( Wii, my phone, roku box). And I have another WiFi router that I have all the other pc's connected to with my bro's VoIP phone. All th
  6. ok, i went and got ATT Uverse since i have moved to a different location. I had WoW net and tv (gonna miss them) with 8mbps speeds. Now testing here (like always) i got what i paid for. Now i got the max turbo 24mbps service with uverse. Hence to say im not getting what im paying for. Now i just started this service on the 1st, so i give them a call today. And what did i get, rerun answers and solution. But that not the funny part! att.com/speedtest That link they say they can only support speed test from is a joke! Both that one and the other joke speed test sight give the
  7. its dell dont do it build your own, save yourself the headache
  8. wow yall are acting as if MS is going to come in your house, stomp on your nuts forcing you to use Win8 calm down
  9. im not sure about the FCC but you can go to the BBB or if you want call them and ask to talk to a high manager and speak your problem to him/her/it
  10. from the live blog at thisismynext.com soon to the theverge.com http://live.thisismy...ive_blog?Page=0
  11. Hmmm thats only 586 miles from me..... hold on im gonna call newegg.com and see if i can get a good deal on some fiber wire and tools. im gonna be the first person ever to splice into fiber and get some sexy nets
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