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  1. 4faithbuilder3, Well I don't know how much money your willing to spend but quite alot of ppl own linksys routers. I have a wrt54gs and have 2 boxes, 2computer hooked up both wired and wireless. The one xbox is wireless through a WGS54GA gaming adapter and damn I always get full signal strenght. I recommend them because the support is so damn good and everybody and their grandparents know something about tweaking them. I hope this helps. Your Friend, compuworm
  2. I have build two system myself and the most important piece of advice I can give is, "Support". I don't know if anyone here has ever purchased a Chaintech mother board especially the Socket A kind for the AT cases. But when it came time to power up, the nightmare began! I decided to go cheap with the two computers I built because they where for kids under 15 yrs. old and their parent didn't want to spend alot of $. But, as I discovered the support for the cheap mother boards was absolutely terrible and time consuming to actually speak to a live person. So, long story short, you get what you pay for! Keep that in mind. compuworm
  3. 4Kicoman, Good Points. Been there!
  4. You forgot the following: 10. Monitor 11. Keyboard & Mouse 12. Speakers 13. Sound Card (can use integrated but that sucks)
  5. Great I hope your luck holds out? Take Care, compuworm P.S. Now that things are working fine you should take the time to read the posts in the links I attached. I am sure your system can go alot faster.
  6. OK this will just take a little longer but we will work together until we get the best speeds possible. I want you to try hard to read the post in the link below this person had similar problems. I know you want things to happen fast but we will get things done as soon as possible you just need to hang in there and keep trying and so will I,, OK. compuworm http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=10229.0 P.S. if this is still too much to read we will begin with one thing at a time.
  7. Sorry I been busy, listen go to the links below and read them carefully, they are the bible for making your system faster. If you need help understanding them just post. http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=2097.0 http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=3924.0 Your Friend, compuworm P.S. Do you know how to uninstall your NIC driver?
  8. Thanks I really appreciate your time and attention! Your Friend, compuworm
  9. I haven't tested my Latency in some time, what packet size and numbers of pings per URL do you recommend? Also, what are your thoughts on URLs to ping so as to get a good test results? thanks, compuworm ackets: Sent = 30, Received = 30, Lost = 0 (0% loss) Approximate round trip times (RTT) in milli-seconds: Minimum = 17ms, Maximum = 152ms, Average = 63ms P.S. You know now that I think of it, exactly what is the best absolute way to test Latency. What are the criteria I should be following?
  10. I would not recommend placing your computer in a DMZ mode this will open all ports and make you more susceptible to outside attacks! compuworm P.S. 4cdf216, hey what version is that ccs file from 5, 6, or 7? Just to let you know if its from version 6 increasing the RWIN to 513920 gave me excellent results. I am with comcast and my caps are 6000/384. On average I get 6900 down and thats with firewall up.
  11. I really find it hard to believe anyone still uses AOL. Its a real piece of work.
  12. We need to know otherwise helping is more difficult. But I am sure we can get things running a little smoother! What Cable Modem do you have. Are you running any tweaks now such as Vanburen's Cablenut settings? thanks, compuworm
  13. What is your ISP's caps. I mean what are you suppose to be getting for download and upload speeds? thanks, compuworm
  14. I am such a noob, but can you tell me where the download is for the version 2 custom settings. I dont see a link! Thanks.
  15. You can install Murder 1.5 which was akin to Postal 1.0 for complete removal of (deletes), Wife 1.0, Girlfirend 1.0, and Whore 1.0 but does absolutely nothing for Work 1.0. For that you would have to install Postal 1.0 that takes care of everything>
  16. I am not clear on why you are using a router? If I understand your setup, your modem is connected to your router and your router is connected to your computer via cables? I apologize for the seemingly simple questions I am just trying to see the layout in my mind. compuworm P.S. Do you know what values you have for your upstream and downstream power levels? They are located in your Modem's web page which might be accessed by typing into your borwser's address bar.
  17. Are you using Vanburen's Cablenut settings with the cablenut program? If so what CCS file are you using? Are you using behind a router? If so are u using any firmware upgrades like Hyperwrt? Thanks, compuworm
  18. Well, I would definitely run the Vanburen 6/384 ccs file. So if I understand you correctly, you are running your laptop wirelessly through the router? Another question, what kind of router are you using (make, model, version), and are you using any tweaking firmware on it like, Hyperwrt? compuworm
  19. 4resopalrabotnick, Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year. You planning on staying sober this new year? Your Friend, compuworm
  20. Hey welcome, Need more information, what is your providers caps (up/download speeds), are you running wireless on your laptop, and are you running any tweaks now like Vanburen's Cablenut setting with the Cablenut program? Your Friend, compuworm P.S. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and great New Year!
  21. Hey hope you had a Merry Christmas Jebus22 and a nonsober new year. Well, have you tried to uninstall your NIC drivers and reboot your system they will reinstall. I find sometimes this tends to work (more often than not). Your Friend, compuworm P.S. What Vanburen ccs file did you load, thanks.
  22. Please forgive me if this sounds like a real stupid question, but how is your modem connected to your computer. Does it connect to your NIC in the back of your computer via an RJ45? Your Friend, compuworm
  23. wyantm06, Apparently |3v|lon3| feels I have gotten upset or angry with you. This is not true on any level and I apologize if I have insulted you in any. My goal with helping you or anybody else on this site is to achieve a resultion to a stated problem. This usually means I take the time to help you and you take the time to learn and apply what you learned to your problem. I will discontinue any further attempts to help as I don't want to insult you or cause you distress. I will leave you with this final advice. If you continue to download firmware you are not ABSOLUTELY sure of you will turn your router into a brick. Then you will create a much bigger problem. Your Friend, compuworm
  24. Yes, this is the latest firmware. Did you Register? Only then can you download the firmware you need. This site is solely devoted to the advancement and improvement of linksys routers! If you register I can provide a link. But, if you don't register and I provide a link you will not be able to access the site.
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