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  1. Lorne that looks good to me you might want to up the card to the 9800XT if you want the most up to date graphics card.
  2. Hey Lorne u want to see this baby in action?? Here check this out. http://www.3dgameman.com/vr/asetek/waterchill/video_review.html This guy does video reviews of all the products that he reviews. This happens to be one of the ones he recommends. WARNING THE DOWNLOAD FOR THE MOVIE IS 19.5 mb That shouldnt matter most of us are on broadband!
  3. Umm... I think that is would shorten the cpu life by a while. I mean these things are made to run for years if not centuries. When you do overclock you do run the risk of cracking the dye. Or effectively killing the chip. You need to make sure that you know what you are doing and messing with a chip that costs 700 bucks... I wouldnt risk it. You would still have the fastest pc around. Let the reviewers who get the chips for free fry them. Then, like a year from now, you could start to see what the chip are able to handle that why do dont fry you pimp machine.
  4. http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/reviews/cooling/Asetek_WaterChill_2.html WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Kit $269 Check it out!
  5. Ok when some on says OC it means Over Clocked. That is by setting the voltage mutipliers in the bios you can get the processor to run faster clock cycles. You can also change the front side bus of your system to run faster the the spec. Improving proformance.... However, this leads to extreme heat!! Most OC machines are liquid cooled or have some massive heat sink with a fan that moves some where in the relm of 45-55 cubic feet per minute. the stock fan moves about 22-25 for amd and i am not sure about the intel active coolers. I dont have an overclocked chip so i have never done this procedure before. I do know that chip makers are starting to "lock" their chips or make them really hard to over clock. Asus is known for added extas that make overclocking easier and safer. I personally dont recommend this but i think that mort has an OC machine.
  6. For the PimP computer can i suggest a different case. ANTEC Performance PLUSVIEW LE (Limited Edition) Model PLUSVIEW1000AMG LE - with Side Window Snap-On Fan Clips & Antec Case Straps Retail. It is the same case as i believe mort suggested accept it has a window fan and window vents. also it comes with the strap on case carrier so that you can take this pimp machine to all the lan parties that you will now be attending. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=11-129-134&catalog=7&manufactory=BROWSE&depa=1
  7. Hey for all of you that dont want to spend about $5000 Tigerdirect.com is offering a kit soyo dragon system for 719.99. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=698407&Sku=S450-4111%20BK&CatId=1218 Kit specs: 400-Watt power supply, AMD Athlon XP 3000+ processor, Ultra 512MB PC3200 DDR memory, Seagate 120GB hard drive, 256MB DDR AGP8X video card fx 5200, DVD+/-RW drive, a cooling fan, keyboard and mouse. and an Antec looking case. Not bad for 719.99! No OS INCLUDED!!! SO pay the $90 for an oem version or you can do it the other way.
  8. Hey now that we have this guy building this computer i think that is would be sweet to get a site going to follow his progress. Also on this site would be hardware reviews. Let me know what you think! I could launch a basic site, nothing like this one, some day if we all think that is would be a cool idea.
  9. Very nice system... Yeah clear hoses are the only way to go on this case mod. I dont even know if you can get any other color hose other then clear.
  10. Swimmer


    There is only one answer!! And that is hell ya.
  11. I would love to see a pic and the idea for that new cooling system!! Have your friend post a pic of the inside of his computer!!! Then everyone will know what we are talking about.
  12. Dude my dad is the VP of operations for the central area USA for Kraft! Thanks for supporting the company!! We all know mac and cheese is the best!!!
  13. i did check them out.... They have discontinued making the high end pc2100 ram. Old tech i guess. I think that i will buy a stick soon just to see what it can do in my machine.
  14. No prob!! I love to design computers....I just dont have the money to build them but o well. Trust me the people on this forum have an answer to just about any question you could imagine!! That is what i love about testmy.net!!
  15. Pimp dye for a pimp computer!
  16. Swimmer


    yeah.. Sweet! U work for COX??
  17. Ok here is the place for the dye that looks the sweetest http://www.directron.com/waterdye.html As for the actual cooling system. You can get any system you would like. As of right now i dont know of any one who makes a 940 cooler. You would have to buy the adaptor from Koolance and their amd cooler. These kit run about 150 to 300 dollars for a decent one.
  18. Swimmer


    Hey could you seperate the members so that those who post are at the top and the dudes who dont are on the bottom???
  19. Also you will see the "hardcore" system builder stop buying asus, gigabite,.... Eventually they will figure out that helping microsoft sucks and if microsoft wants that dumbass chip they need to get into the mobo making market. In which i think that they will get raped!!! Hey, Does anyone have one of those microsoft networks??? I would love to know what you think about it.
  20. Ya a big case is a good idea. The problem with the air cooling solution is it creates noise. And noise sucks!!! I have 5 fans in my case. 1 intake, 1 gpu, 1 cpu, 1 exaust, 1 ps exaust. I can not leave my computer on while i sleep cause it is kinda loud. I know i can get a fan controller but i dont want one. With a liquid cooling system the noise factor is really low. i think there is only 1 or 2, at the most, 80 or 120 mm fans that cool the radiator. Not only that but a water cooled computer is my dream cause with the case that mort recommended has a side window. You can add a solution that make the liquid glow under black lights. I think that would top off any type of computer! Also you could leave the computer on for alike all day and the case temp and every thing else would stay really low. Good for the components! My system, 2000 xp+ with 40gb wd hd, 327 pc133 ram, and graphics card in a slk 2600amb runs at 11C at the intake and 22 at the exaust. The cpu runs at arround 44c at idle and 51ish under full load. With liquid cooling i think it could be running around 35ish at idle and 40ish at full load. Leading to the chip rinning smoother. I dont have an overclocked computer by the way.
  21. I was under the impress for xbox live and xbconnect you need at least 128 kbs to be able to host a game. 12kbs would be really laggy on any game i would think??
  22. Swimmer

    LAN Setup..

    I would agree I owned PS2 for a while then sold it and bought an xbox. I never played ps2. Now i am playing xbox most of the time unless i am here posting.
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