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  1. The Bench isn't working: Warning: require(/home/testmyn/public_html/forum/SSI.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/tmn/public_html/tools/the_bench_version2.php on line 8 Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/testmyn/public_html/forum/SSI.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/tmn/public_html/tools/the_bench_version2.php on line 8
  2. Your profile isn't roaming. If it is roaming the portal will ask you to save the changes. You have to call Smart and ask to be re-homed
  3. @liesfortheliars I've seen a lot of Canopy Lite SMs with that configuration. I am still figuring out how the hell they have that. hehehe... Here in my area I saw about a handful with that config.
  4. Hahaha... Yes, their support group is handled by Meridian Telekoms. Those at E-PLDT Ventus are just operators taking notes and forwarding reports (Heh, I did some research).
  5. Yeah, Canopy Lite can have a maximum throughput of 7mbits but Smart's capping the max throughput to 1mbit (Aggregate of Uplink and Downlink).
  6. hehe Cool. I don't know why Smart is capping the max aggregate throughput to 1mbps where in fact in most articles regarding Morotola Canopy, the min throughput cap is 4.4mbits.. sheez..
  7. What site is that? hehe. [sip] edited out banned site
  8. You mean RSSI more than 700? RSSI should be high and Jitter should be low. RSSI is how strong the signal is and Jitter is how clear it is.
  9. It's PRIZM that sets the max throughput of Canopy SM's. Even if you upgrade, it won't change the maximum throughput of your Antenna.
  10. They can't fix anything. All they can do is create a report and that's it.
  11. Search the forums for those settings and tutorials on how to access your canopy page
  12. How did you do it? Try to search the forum for tutorials on how to access your Canopy.
  13. Yeah, I'll be back to our old ISP, AT&T Hope Smart Bro at least get better...
  14. That's still a lot faster than the advertised speed
  15. Now I know why The big question I have is why all of them have 7mbps max troughput. Hmmm.. sounds interesting... OT: I'm leaving on March 5 sheeez!
  16. Guys take a look at this. I don't know how I managed to access other Caopys here in my area heheheh
  17. I now have the motorola prizm license... will play around with prizm today I'll post some news regarding this here hehehe
  18. Yeah, I experience that too. When I check my speed here in TMN, it's only around 300+ kbps but when I download files from the internet, I reach around 100+ kBps.
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