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  1. Yeah upgraded from 10.4.11. I haven't tried doing a clean install. I'll try that this weekend Thanks for the info.
  2. I second the motion @nonski Don't come to a battle unprepared or should I say to a hearing without evidence? If you think people here are posing as experts then should I say you're posing like an expert too?
  3. ***Tip: Once a Smart contractor came over your place and unlocked your Canopy, immediately set SNMP to Read Only and set password for root and admin users so that Smart won't be able to lock your Canopy.
  4. Does 10.5.2 works seamlessly now? I mean Leopard in general. The first time I installed Leopard on my macbook, I got a sad mac face.
  5. No one said that Please do your homework before uttering any word Just for your own good.
  6. I guess this would help: Choose File > Print, and then choose Add Printer from the Printer pop-up menu. Step 2 Click IP in the toolbar of the dialog that appears. Step 3 Choose the appropriate printing protocol from the Protocol pop-up menu. Step 4 Type the IP address or DNS name for the printer in the Address field. Step 5 If your printer requires it, type the queue name for your printer in the Queue Name field. If you don
  7. I believe normal cable internet's advertised speed is 3mbps. Am I right?
  8. That's the thing, I have tried Sprint once and it gives me about 384Kbps but not really good. If you intend to use it for gaming, I don't think it's a good choice.
  9. I don't think so. You really have to do it one at a time. If you select them all and ADD to RAR archive, it'll add them up to one single rar archive.
  10. If you're in the US, many wireless providers offer high speed wireless internet via PC-Card. You may want to inquire from AT&T, Sprint and others.
  11. Even if you use port forwarding on your DLINK, it won't do anything.
  12. Go to your Canopy Webpage. Under Tools -> AP Evaluation. Copy Everything that's in there and paste here.
  13. I dunno those places. Hehe.. I can't this is not my home. I only have Philippine Tourist Visa I will be overstaying if I stay beyond 2nd week of March.
  14. Cool, where in Cavite? Heh! As if I know the places here. I only know how to get to the nearest 7-11 store. LOL. Well, the place is cool. I have no complaints about that. I am gonna miss this place.. sheezz.. it's less than 2 weeks and I will be back home. I am excited yet sad coz I kinda liked it here.
  15. The one that says ESN is the Mac Address.
  16. If the PSU is set to 220v and you accidentally plugged it in to a 110V power socket, I don't think there will be a bad effect coz it's like you are getting low voltage. It will simply not work as it should. It's just my opinion, I am not sure.. I'm not a hardware guy
  17. Right hahaha... At least a hundred kilobits maybe have you checked your AP stats?
  18. Yes kerby_kerby but I am leaving on Feb27 - 1 week earlier than the original plan
  19. Smart bro's Asymmetric. Don't expect the Download and Upload to be the same. Upload is usually half of the download. But on a lighter note, your Upload Speed sucks hehehehe
  20. @CB - I won't be able to try that FDC out I'm leaving on Feb 27. Dad already subscribed to Verizon FIOS 20/20 and hopefully when I arrive there it's already installed
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