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  1. i think your connection is great already... :grin:
  2. click the link on the upper part which is download test or upload test.... choose download or upload test.. then you will be brought to another page... you can see there the available download test... welcome!!
  3. chez.piol


    welcome to the community! you will learn many things here!
  4. it really works! thanx to coolbuster.. redeyes09...can i ask? what plan r u using?
  5. panu po ba malaman kung pwede mag palagay ng smart bro sa place namin? ung coverage ng smart ro... tnx..
  6. it depends on what color code you are using..
  7. where's the food? belated happy bday sir!!
  8. talagang pinopromote to kuya cool hah... hehehe.. Please speak English only on this forum, Thanks Please read the forum rules
  9. hi there!! can anyone here know how to put password or know how to secure space on thumbdrive? thanks..
  10. mykvega... how much you pay on your internet?
  11. my smart bro also like that... but i tried 1-21... and the value of 21 works... try 80, 81, 87 or 88....
  12. hahaha... im also ignorant to that... hahaha... but coolbuster!! can it make any effect eventhough i will not restart my PC?
  13. SOLUTION: CHANGE YOUR COLOR CODE. 1. login to canopy webpage thru (default) 2. click "Configuration" 3. click the "Radio" tab 4. in the color code box, replace the current value.. 5. click "Save Changes" 6. click "Reboot" 7. wait for your canopy antenna to reboot and then close your browser. if you like, restart your computer or disconnect then reconnect your lan to make sure the changes will take effect. 8. do a speed test http://www.testmy.net/speedtest/d_load.php and post the result.
  14. awtz... is tgat a smart bro? did you already tried the FOURmula of bust?
  15. hahaha... madami gumagamit kaya mabagal?? hmm.. di ako convinced dyn tol!! nka 999 kba? change mu lang canopy settings mo... I know your language is not English, but please speak English here on this forum, there are many that learn from all posts, and they don't all speak your language thank you.
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