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  1. well i knew it wasnt real... ...was just wonderin how it happened
  2. lmao! that would be real great! how did you manage that?
  3. welcome to the forum chicki2u, this is a really great place, lots of friendly and helpful ppl here. and im also on sbcglobal, dsl elite package, paying 45 bucks a month, and you can see my speed test results below. im happy with it.
  4. awesome, now i got a new toy to play with! i learned earlier how to make a basic theme install pack for firefox...now i got something else to play with...so many reasons why i love this site...you guys are the sh!t. thanks.
  5. its that easy huh....i never knew...lol...thanks.
  6. and another question, im curious to know how you are posting screenshots? is there a program to do that? ive been wondering for some time how to do that.
  7. cool, thanks go out to the both of you, ill check those out, i tried googling what i was looking for, but kept coming up with unrelated results...i hate google. but thanks guys.
  8. and off topic, im gonna smash my mouse against the wall! its so old, when i use the scroll wheel to go up, it goes down! lol...old ibm piece o crap...lol
  9. right, so how do i get more language packs or character packs for my windows xp? my last version of xp had all that but it was a version that someone other than myself had messed with, i dont know where the guy that messed with it got them from.
  10. i reinstalled windows xp pro on my pc after having some issues with a messed up version of xp pro and now when i go to certain sited i am missing some fonts and characters. does anyone know where i can go to get an install pack or something that has the missing items in it? for example, when i go to myspace, instead of seeing the little characters that some ppl have in their names, such as butterflies or skull and cross bones, i get a little box with some numbers in it, other sites i get question marks in the place of letters. its really no big deal, but i would like to see things the way they
  11. sinister666


    nevermind....i had to reinstall the graphics driver from intel, now all is well. sorry for the waste of space with an unneccessary post. but hey, i fixed it.
  12. sinister666


    ok, my bunk version of windows xp pro crashed on me so i installed a diff version that i have, a non messed with version, but everything was in arabic when it installed. i went into control panel and changed all the languages back to english but now when i right click on my desktop, i get a bunch of question marks instead of words....why?! ive installed this version of xp on other computers without this problem so i dont know whats going on...can anyone help me to figure this out?
  13. are you some kind of philosipher tommie? pardon my misspelling....but damn, thats a quote that really makes ya think...lol..
  14. just a question of which is better, the onboard ethernet connection or a NIC card that is bought from the store? im new to alot of this and was just wondering if that makes a diff in the speed and performance of the internet connection.
  15. and here is another one of mine, after using tcpoptimizer, a little improvement. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 5500 Kbps about 5.5 Mbps (tested with 6144 kB) Download Speed is:: 671 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time:: 2009/06/22 - 1:29pm Bottom Line:: 96X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 1.53 sec Tested from a 6144 kB file and took 9.151 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 65.36 % faster than the average for host (sbcglobal.net) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-DHFKA095J User Agent:: Mozil
  16. thats some pretty efficient thinking there coknuck, why i never thought of that ill never know. but hey, now i do know. thanks again for takin the time to help me with that. and i am actually considering an external hard drive, but i havent got past the considering part yet, just a thought that i have yet to act on.
  17. separate them you say....looks like i got some work to do...oh joy! oh well, shouldnt be too hard, and shouldnt take too long. thanks for that, i never thought of doing that.
  18. ok i am curious to know what some of you think is the best way for me to back some stuff up on my hard drive...im using a version of windows xp pro that isnt quite up to par and am thinking about switching to a diff version that i have and i dont wanna lose my 30GB of music that i have stored on my hard drive. i have nero 8 ultimate also, so i can back up stuff from that program, but is it possible to compress all my music using 7zip or winrar enough so that im not using a bunch of seperate dvds? the music is the only thing that i am really worried about backing up. and i would go on to explai
  19. very interesting to know. id like to meet some of these ppl that create these viruses so i can castrate them and hang them upside down from the streetlight outside. rotten [email protected]
  20. hell i aint mad at ppl smashin my posts, its a leaning experience for me. in my 1 week as a member here, i have learned quite a bit that i didnt know before, had no idea on some of this stuff. so smash on ppl!
  21. why is that, so that you all look even smarter? lol...jk...i can understand. cuz i need ppl like you all to constantly correct and inform me of my mistakes and misconceptions. so, thanks!
  22. well then i will stand corrected. like i said before in some of my other posts, im still kinda new to all this, so yes, i have some learning to do still, and thats why i joined this site, lots of helpful info and ppl here.
  23. yeah i actually stumbled on those on cnet last night after posting this and it worked...im not afraid of killing firefox, whats the worst that could happen, ill have to re install firefox? oh well. but yeah, those actually do work. thanks.
  24. thats crazy...so, how would one go about checking the BIOS to see if there is a virus living in there?
  25. so im a user of firefox and ill never switch to anything else, but i recently switched to the firefox 3.5 beta rc2, i like it alot more than the previous non beta version except one thing, i had an add on to remove redirects and it doesnt work with version 3.5. does anyone know how to make it work or if there is somewhere to get a different add on of the same purpose or even a bookmarklet? i know im not the only one that hates those pesky redirects....
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