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  1. ouch man, they are gettin you for 60 bucks for that? seems a bit pricey for what youre gettin....but then again, i dont know much...i guess it just depends on where you live and whats available?
  2. who said anything about a redneck? lmao....although i am a former redneck, i consider myself to be a redneck in disguise...lol...and i did grow up on a pig farm, then moved to the city....buty hey, we are getting off topic here and now i forgot what the topic was supposed to be anyway so oh well, to hell with it...like 2pac once said, "i aint mad at ya"
  3. reminds me of an old quote..."cant we all just get along?" but no, i aint hatin on anyone, and i know you aint hatin on me, im just givin ya a hard time, its what i do best, im a smartass, always have been and always will be, some like it and others dont know how to take me, so again, my apologies bro.
  4. i didnt ask why you were looking up my stats, i asked why youre posting them. but again, oh well, i aint stressed about any of this, its amusement to me.
  5. and it appears that mine is more stable than yours.... Sun Jun 21 2009 @ 9:58:51 pm UP 386 kB 233 kbps (28 kB/s) compuguybna 615722446441 direcway.com 1XMBNEJ0Z IMG Sun Jun 21 2009 @ 9:58:26 pm DN 1536 kB 1599 kbps (195 kB/s) compuguybna 615722446441 direcway.com UVKWBRX3E IMG Sun Jun 21 2009 @ 6:44:48 pm UP 386 kB 226 kbps (28 kB/s) compuguybna 615722445982 direcway.com E4YKTCSHX IMG Sun Jun 21 2009 @ 6:44:20 pm DN 1536 kB 1613 kbps (197 kB/s) compuguybna 615722445982 direcway.com ZVXD18YGW IMG Sun Jun 21 2009 @ 5:18:38 pm DN 1536 kB
  6. and why are you posting my stats? and no, my speeds are not all over the place, i was fooling around with cablenut and also doing some tests while running other apps in the background, like utorrent and such, and the results before the 18th of this month were from my previous internet provider, which was a crappy usb aircard, but now it stays steady at around 5mbps. so, it seems to me that you are out to bash me, and i dont know thy, i told you i didnt mean any offense to you, i think youre just hatin on me cuz you cant reach 5mbps, but oh well, i aint stressed about this thread. im only here
  7. damn tommie, thats really not that bad tho. i just switched from centennial wireless/sprint to this dsl, i was only getting 127kbps download, so switching from that to my now 6mbps connection is unbelievable. but i would have been satisfied with your speeds too, but i got greedy when signing up for my new att service, lol, i like it, no complaints as of yet.
  8. fair enough compuguy...didnt mean any offense to you in my earlier response, i just kinda typed before thinking....tends to happen sometimes. and switching station, thats the word i was looking for, just couldnt get it....lol....but yeah, im right next door to the switching station in my town, ugly building, but good speeds due to me being right next door. so sorry if my post seemed rude compuguy, i didnt mean for it to sound that way.
  9. you have never had that fast of a connection? so, if i may ask, what is your connection speed tommie? just curious....this is my first hi speed connection, and i love it.
  10. very true tommie, but dont your real life speeds for downloads vary from server to server? say im downloading from microsoft, it could be a diff down speed than when i download from cnet, depending on that particular servers load at the moment?
  11. wow....i honestly never knew there was such a thing as a BIOS virus....never heard that until now...so i just had to find out more, and after a quick google search, i think im terrified! thats the most horrible thing i have ever heard of....who knew that a virus could attack your BIOS? crazy man, just plain crazy i tell ya....so, if your BIOS gets infected, can you remove the virus by re flashing your BIOS? i dont have a virus in mine, but im just curious.
  12. so, without running sped tests, how do you "just know" that you were always getting 6mbps? im not trying to discredit what you are saying, but you cant "just know" that your internet is always performing at its peak, its not like driving a car where you can tell the difference between driving at 55mph and driving at 35mph....and maybe im just a lil bit compulsive with my daily speed tests here, but it gives me some form of gratification to see the numbers that im getting stay consistant from day to day. and whats the harm in stopping by this site for a quick minute every day to do a test that
  13. so, after like 2 weeks, my connection will get faster? or am i just interpreting what im reading wrong? cuz im on the sbc yahoo elite package, 6mbps connection speed, had it for 4 days now and it stays at a consistant 5 to 5.2mbps download and 637kbps upload, im satisfied but if it gets a lil bit faster after 2 weeks i wont complain with that.
  14. i got the 6mbps connection from sbc yahoo....its pretty consistant at 5 to 5.2mbps. im not complaining any, its the elite package, 45 bucks a month, not too bad in my opinion. my brother uses comcast cable internet and hes only gettin like 6.2mbps on the tests here at this site, i think its funny, i thought cable was supposed to be up to 12mbps...but i guess it depends on how many ppl are using it at any given moment too. and i live right next door to the at&t routing center or whatever its called, less than 1000 ft of wire from me to them, so i have no problems whatsoever with the service
  15. and heres mine...kinda reminds me of "show me yours ill show you mine"...haha
  16. you say there is a trick and then there is no trick? is this a trick of some kind? hey, look what i can do? wtf...note to admin and moderators, PLEASE DELETE OR LOCK THIS THREAD! it has no info what so ever, it is useless and a waste of space. trick....what you switched to vista, thats your trick? lmao
  17. yeah, thats nice. very nice. mine seems to be very consistant at around 5mbps, and i live right next door to the att central hub for my area, only about 1000 ft of wire from me to them. so i dont think i will have any issues with speed or reliability. its nice, im happy. and my brother has cable internet and he is only testing at 1mbps higher than my dsl connection. i thought that was kinda funny. but it sure beats the hell outta the wireless network that i was on, that crap was horrible, it was like 237kbps amd tested at .11mbps, i couldnt stand it, im happy now.
  18. so i see....more consistant results now...i guess i cant complain, i pay for the 6 mbps connection and im getting around 5 mbps and all test from different sites say that im about 45% faster than the average for my provider.
  19. ok, nevermind, i just answered my own question. i went to a third test, i wont list the name but it read the same as what this site tells me. dslreports speedtest must be a little inaccurate. so i figure if this site and the other one say the same thing, that makes the third one wrong. so im trusting this sites test results.
  20. so, i got a question.....what speed test should i believe? when i test my speeds here, i get a consistant reading of around 5mbs bownload and .8 upload. now when i go to dslreports, i get consistant readings of 3mbs download and .6 upload. whos test is telling me the truth? or is it something to do with the distance i am away from the test server? im just curious...
  21. so whats the whole deal with dsl about leaving my modem on for the first ten days? im new to alot of this, still learning, does it make my connection better? more reliable or consistant?
  22. ok....heres another test i just did...i like this one better. oh and did i mention that i live literally right next door to the at&t building? less than 1000 ft of wires from me to the hub. Your connection is: 5162 Kbps or 5.2 Mbps You downloaded at: 630 kB/s You are running: 90 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 1.63 second(s) Member Ident:Username:sinister666 CompID:91119539111 Test Time:: 2009/06/18 - 3:35pm Test Browser and OS info: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009060215 Firefox/3.0.11 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729) Test I
  23. ok, so this is my first test....i used cablenut too, should have done a test without cablenut first but oh well...check it out. Your connection is: 4639 Kbps or 4.6 Mbps You downloaded at: 566 kB/s You are running: 81 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 1.81 second(s) Member Ident:Username:sinister666 CompID:91119539111 Test Time:: 2009/06/18 - 3:26pm Test Browser and OS info: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009060215 Firefox/3.0.11 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729) Test ID: E0SOPYHZT (if this is a screenshot go to testmy.net to see if t
  24. so i finally got my dsl hooked up today. the line tech spent like 3 hours outside replacing wires. havent had a home phone turned on at this house for over 8 years. but a finally got hooked up. i was on a crappy wireless connection that was only capable of .15mbs, yes thats a point in front of the one and five. slow. so far my dsl shows at 5.16mbs, much better. so anyway, i just felt like sharing that. now i can actually enjoy the web instead of getting frustrated by my slow connection.
  25. wow....a perfect example of why i joined this site....you just explained so much that nobody else i have talked to could explain. thanks man.
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